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NM State Representative District 41

In addition to other duties prescribed by law, representatives enact “reasonable and appropriate laws,” represent the constituents of their district, and serve on standing or interim committees. The legislature meets each year beginning in January. In odd-numbered years, it meets for 60 days; in even-numbered years, it meets for 30 days. The Governor may call special sessions. Candidates must be at least 21 years old and must be a resident of the district from which elected. They serve a two-year term. Representatives do not receive a salary, but they do receive a pre-set per diem and mileage; there is also a pension program for legislators serving a minimum period.Cámara de Representantes de Nuevo MéxicoAdemás de otras obligaciones prescritas por la ley, los representantes promulgan leyes razonables y apropiadas , representan a los electores de su distrito y sirven en comités permanentes o interinos. La legislatura se reúne cada año a partir de enero. En los años impares, se reúne durante 60 días; en los años pares, se reúne durante 30 días. El gobernador puede convocar sesiones especiales. Los candidatos deben tener al menos 21 años de edad y deben ser residentes del distrito donde fueron elegidos. Tienen mandatos de dos años. Los representantes no reciben un salario, pero sí reciben un pago preestablecido por viáticos; también existe un programa de pensión para legisladores que cumplen con un periodo mínimo de servicio.

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    Margaret Cecilia Campos

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    Susan K Herrera

Biographical Information

1. What prior experience and/or education have prepared you for this position?

2. Why are you running for this position?

3. What would be your priorities for the next session?

4. What, if any, changes to New Mexico’s tax structure would you support?

Campaign Phone 5059278701
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Occupation Management Consultant/Farmer
I graduated from New Mexico State University with a bachelor's & master's degree in business administration. Since, I have worked in NM in the healthcare, environmental, construction, education, broadband, and farming industries, within for profit, non-profit, federal, state, local, and tribal organizations. My vast experience in finance, project & operations management, feasibility & risk assessment, provide the perfect skillset to develop policy that benefits the citizens of NM in an effective & sustainable manner.
I am running for the position of State Representative because I love my state and our people. The people of New Mexico, the land, culture and environment, are all deserving of a representative in tune to their needs, with the experience, creativity, and passion to formulate long lasting solutions to many of our social & economic challenges.

I am here to advocate for those who have not been heard and those who do not have a voice, the most vulnerable in our community, veterans, the elderly, children and the community that is raising a majority of children in my district. And the heroes that support them, teachers, law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters & CYFD. They are on the frontlines in our community.
Decrease costs, to provide pay increases for state employees & teachers, and more wrap around services for students. Improve healthcare systems by identifying methods to recruit & retain healthcare providers & staff in our remote communities. Develop higher paying jobs and pathways to entrepreneurship, build a better economy, starting with a better food economy. Improve access to federal funding and correspondingly, expand workforce development training to include grant writing, project & construction management and apprenticeships for all roles. Provide continued support to our mutual domestics, land grants, acequias, volunteer fire departments & library's. Develop pathways to home ownership; incentivize construction of starter homes.
I would like to eliminate the sales tax when New Mexico experiences surplus revenues from the oil and gas industry. I would also propose an increase to the corporate income tax. I would decrease the percentage at the lower levels, and correspondingly increase the upper level of the graduated individual income tax.
Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 189
Embudo, NM 87531
Campaign Phone 5055790092
Campaign Website
Occupation New Mexico State Legislator
Susan's legislative achievements in six years are remarkable. After four years, she was appointed Chair of the Agriculture, Acequias & Natural Reources Committee. Susan is a key leader of Water law in the House and has worked to pass several bills allowing small towns and villages to access state and federal funds for public water projects. In 2024, the state funding for water projects in District 41 is authorized at $30 million. As a member of the Education Commiteee, she worked to raise salaries for teachers & legislative assistants. She helped create the Rural Libray Endowment Fund, now at $30.5 million. Susan ended a 20-year legislative battle to passHR 132, reducing predatory commercial lending rates in NM from 175% to 36%.
I decided to run for office the morning Donald Trump was elected. I knew we would need strong Democratic state legislatures to combat upcoming policies. We are at a turning point again this year, and the imperative is to elect President Joe Biden. After six years in office, I've learned to successfully steer key legislation through the legislative process. However, much work remains to be done. Water, drought, and climate change are the top priorities in my district and we must continue creating policy that changes our landscape. The underlying issue for most problems in my district and the state is poverty. And it will take thoughtful and carefully crafted legislation to bring about change.
1. To Increase state funding for clean & reliable drinking water for all citizens. 2. To increase waste-water systems to protect aquifers. 3. Address drug abuse and chronic behavioral health issues that destroy families. 4. To assist grandparents raising grandchildren. 5. School bus drivers, secretaries, cooks, and janitors work for a minimum wage of $12 an hour. These guardians of our children are an integral part of the education system and need our support. 6. Paid Family Leave. We must protect our most vulnerable workers with a state paid family leave policy. 7. Legislative modernization: salaried legislators,salaried staff and longer sessions. This constitutional amendment will create a stronger future for all New Mexicans.
I think our film tax credit is too high and needs to be reduced. The gross receipts tax is outdated and needs to be revampled so that is is equitible and fair for all cities and counties, especially small rural towns and counties. The most successful tax reform for reducing poverty is the Child Tax Credit. I hope to co-sponsor legislation that increases the tax credit for our poorest families.