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NM State Representative District 38

In addition to other duties prescribed by law, representatives enact “reasonable and appropriate laws,” represent the constituents of their district, and serve on standing or interim committees. The legislature meets each year beginning in January. In odd-numbered years, it meets for 60 days; in even-numbered years, it meets for 30 days. The Governor may call special sessions. Candidates must be at least 21 years old and must be a resident of the district from which elected. They serve a two-year term. Representatives do not receive a salary, but they do receive a pre-set per diem and mileage; there is also a pension program for legislators serving a minimum period.Cámara de Representantes de Nuevo MéxicoAdemás de otras obligaciones prescritas por la ley, los representantes promulgan leyes razonables y apropiadas , representan a los electores de su distrito y sirven en comités permanentes o interinos. La legislatura se reúne cada año a partir de enero. En los años impares, se reúne durante 60 días; en los años pares, se reúne durante 30 días. El gobernador puede convocar sesiones especiales. Los candidatos deben tener al menos 21 años de edad y deben ser residentes del distrito donde fueron elegidos. Tienen mandatos de dos años. Los representantes no reciben un salario, pero sí reciben un pago preestablecido por viáticos; también existe un programa de pensión para legisladores que cumplen con un periodo mínimo de servicio.

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    Rebecca Dow

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    Tara Jaramillo

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1. What skills, education and prior experiences qualify you for this office?

2. If elected, what are your highest priorities?

3. What changes, if any, need to be made in the tax structure of the state?

4. What would you propose to diversify New Mexico’s economy and promote sustainable economic growth?

5. What reforms would you support to improve New Mexico’s educational ranking?

Campaign Phone 575-571-1056
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Occupation executive consultant
My extensive experience as a business owner, founder of multiple non-profit organizations focused on education and child development, and leadership roles in the House of Representatives demonstrate my strong qualifications for public office. Through my work and community service efforts, I have a strong understanding of New Mexico’s statutory and regulatory environment. My education in early childhood and business management further enhances my ability to address the needs of our community by advocating for policies that support development of healthy families and promoting greater economic opportunities. I also utilize critical thinking, problem solving skills, and resourcefulness to achieve results. While others may describe me as an
Dismal child welfare outcomes and generational poverty were what drove me to run for public office in 2016. I envision a New Mexico where children are born healthy, are safe and secure in their surroundings, enter kindergarten ready to succeed, progress from grade to grade achieving their highest individual potential, and graduating with a post high school goal in mind. I worked hard during my six years in the NM House of Representatives to build bipartisan support for key reforms that research shows are effective in building healthy families. While I believe we need to make key changes to break generational poverty, I have seen first-hand how many current House and Senate members lack the energy and desire needed to realize this important
Thanks to a bombing oil & gas industry, NM has experienced record breaking general fund budget surplus. The Legislature should be working to use these surplus dollars to create prosperity in our State. The best way to realize this goal is through fundamental tax reform. Reforming GRT would give small businesses a significant tax reduction so they can expand jobs, provide higher wages for their employees & become more competitive with businesses located in neighboring states. I would also eliminate or phased-in significant reductions in other taxes including personal income taxes & the taxes levied on Social Security & military pensions. NM’s tax code must also be competitive with our neighbors regarding capital gains & corporate taxes.
Tax reforms listed above would help NM grow its economy, yet we need reliable & affordable electricity. Without it business simply won't come here. The Energy Transition Act of 2019 set New Mexico on a "crash course" towards a "zero carbon" future. Such a future is simply not realistic or affordable & NM will pay a hefty price. Instead, NM needs to work to bring nuclear power to our state as a long-term zero-carbon solution, and we need to embrace home grown natural gas as a lower carbon "bridge" to our energy future. Finally, we need to be tougher on crime, so people and businesses feel comfortable and safe, while also ensuring their property rights are secure.
We need to make bold changes to our education system. Families want their children to be prepared for the workplace and businesses need an educated workforce to provide future jobs and more economic opportunities. Yet, recent efforts to pour billions of dollars more into a broken system has not worked and our students continue to fall further behind. That’s why I support local control and innovation. Parents are their child’s primary educator and decisions are most effective when the people who know & understand the student best are involved. I believe in school choice. Choice allows funds to follow students to the school or services that best fit their needs --- whether that’s a public, private, home school, or other.
Campaign Mailing Address 407 Park St
Socorro, NM 87801-4543
Campaign Phone 575-838-7246
Occupation Speech Language Pathologist
As the incumbent state representative for House District 38, I’ve demonstrated my qualifications and commitment to this community via my sponsored legislation and capital outlay requests. My professional experience as a business owner, Socorro School Board Member, and NM Next Generation Council Chair demonstrates leadership in my community. My deep familial and community roots, with over 20 years' experience in healthcare and education, make me well-suited for the NM House of Representatives.
My platform focuses on keeping more money in people’s pockets by reducing taxes for everyday New Mexicans and making our tax code more fair. We must reform CYFD to ensure our most vulnerable children are protected. I aim to reduce drug-related crime by adding more behavioral health and drug treatment centers. I’m working to fully fund education, make healthcare affordable, protect reproductive freedom, and improve rural infrastructure, including high-speed internet and road repairs.
We need to embrace the concept of economic fairness. We need to reduce gross receipts tax (GRT) rates, close GRT loopholes and return fairness to the tax code by repealing the tax cut for the wealthiest New Mexicans and increasing the corporate tax rate so everyone pays their fair share. In addition, I would like to make military pensions exempt from state taxes.
To diversify New Mexico's economy and foster sustainable growth, we should prioritize support for our homegrown businesses. I also propose investing in renewable energy projects, expanding agritourism initiatives, promoting tourism and outdoor recreation, incentivizing tech startups, and strengthening vocational training programs aligned with emerging industries.
I have advocated for increased teacher support, training, and retention programs, along with sponsoring legislation for smaller class loads. An updated curriculum focusing on STEM and vocational skills would benefit New Mexico and serve the needs of a 21st-century workforce. I would also push for equitable funding distribution, enhanced access to technology, and increased community involvement in education policies.