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NM State Senator District 33

In addition to other duties prescribed by law, senators enact “reasonable and appropriate laws,” represent the constituents of their district, and serve on standing or interim committees. The legislature meets each year beginning in January. In odd-numbered years, it meets for 60 days; in even-numbered years, it meets for 30 days. The Governor may call special sessions. Candidates must be at least 25 years old and must be a resident of the district from which elected. They serve a four-year term. Senators do not receive a salary, but they do receive a pre-set per diem.Senado de New MexicoAdemás de otros deberes prescritos por la ley, los senadores promulgan “leyes razonables y apropiadas”, representan a los electores de su distrito y sirven en comités permanentes o interinos. La legislatura se reúne cada año a partir de enero. En los años impares, se reúne durante 60 días; en los años pares, se reúne durante 30 días. El gobernador puede convocar sesiones especiales. Los candidatos deben tener al menos 25 años de edad y deben ser residentes del distrito de donde fueron elegidos. Sirven para un mandato de cuatro años. Los senadores no reciben un salario, pero reciben un pago preestablecido por día.

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    Lynn D Crawford

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    Nicholas Allan Paul

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    Rhonda Beth Romack

Biographical Information

1. What skills, education and prior experiences qualify you for this office?

2. If elected, what are your highest priorities?

3. What changes, if any, need to be made in the tax structure of the state?

4. What would you propose to diversify New Mexico’s economy and promote sustainable economic growth?

5. What reforms would you support to improve New Mexico’s educational ranking?

Campaign Mailing Address 204 Jack Little Dr
Ruidoso, NM 88345-7720
Campaign Phone 432-352-2665
Campaign Email
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Occupation Business Manager/Mayor of Ruidoso
I listen. Texas Tech University. Owned a variety of businesses and for the last 16 years I have served proudly the Village of Ruidoso. Twice elected to the Village Council and now in my second term as Mayor I have learned many things on how a community functions and the many needs. I am currently serving as the President of the NM Municipal League and have developed relationships with many people in different positions at the state level that allows better flow of information and solutions to problems. I will be able to start from day one representing district 33 and making a difference in water projects, street work, workforce housing, and many other issues that face our district. Lets close the border and support the Constitution.
Listen, listen to the people in the district about issues affecting their lives and find options to remedy the problems. Close the border, work to ensure the safety and security of our people, develop a stronger base for economic diversity while supporting oil and gas, tourism and the agriculture industry, which includes horse racing. Today the State's chief administrator is working to erode each one of these top revenue generation industries, I will work to stop bad legislation and to introduce bills to support those industries. Must protect the Constitution, Bill of Rights and destroy any efforts that seek to weaken the Liberty of our citizens. Stop the states over reach and all preemption that takes away local control.
Total overhaul. While serving in the NM Municipal League as Treasure, Vice President, President Elect and now President we have worked to bring back 3% to Municipalities that previously went directly to the Governor's budget, that adds up to around $70 million dollars a year. I have worked to stop the Anti-pyramiding legislation, this would have severely impacted smaller communities that could little afford it. I would support a simple flat tax, a tax that we all can understand and see the equity within it. While Mayor, Ruidoso was a major player in suing the Tax and Rev department for improper disbursement of our money, there was a multi million dollar settlement. A Senator should know how things should work and work to insure they do
We need to continue to support Oil and Gas while looking at the truths of green energy. Using, not over using what God gave us in the beautiful NM landscape for outdoor activities, continue to reverse the damage done to ranching families by reinstating their land and grazing leases. Developing relationships with the manufacturers in Mexico to set up distribution centers, Texas and Arizona figured that out. Develop better infrastructure for internet based businesses that concentrate on technology and energy. Seek out industries that we could attract through tax incentives, much like the movie and streaming industry. Work in conjunction with NM State on economic development, they have ideas we need to reach out to the people with vision.
Get rid of the PED, return more local control and support vouchers. Let the teachers teach and keep the social engineers and woke ideologist out of education. Excellence must be a goal and not just a bumper sticker, our children, our future deserve that and more. Responsibility for children should start with parents, it has taken some time to get in this shape, it will take hard work and dedication to correct all the damage that has been done. We spend plenty of money per student, money on buildings and salaries lets start getting our monies worth. I would listen to teachers, listen to parents and of course grandparents. I hear things like no discipline, lack of support from parents and school administration.
Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 4075
Alamogordo, NM 88311
Campaign Phone 575-430-2569
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Occupation Self-Employed
City Commissioner (2nd Term) | Chairman of the Board - Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce | Past President of Otero County Association of Realtors (2019) | Successful Business Owner Bachelor's Degree in Business
Advocate and fight for the traditional, conservative republican values of the citizens in District 33
Lowes Taxes | Fiscal Responsibility by the state | Encourage Investment
Energy Sector Development (Oil & Gas) | Tax Incentives and Regulatory Reform | Invest in Infrastructure | Agriculture and Value-Added Products | Technology and Innovation | Tourism Promotion
School Choice | Decentralization-Give Local School Districts Control | Accountability and Transparency | Fiscal Efficiency | CTE Programs
Campaign Mailing Address 2000 Sudderth Dr
Ruidoso, NM 88345
Campaign Phone 575-937-3000
Occupation Realtor business owner
I have been a business owner all my life, and was able to manage 90 employees at one time. The last 25 years I have owned a Real Estate office in Lincoln County. I am not a politician I am a grandmother, running to make this state a better place for my grandkids.
1. Boarder Security 2. Ending Catch and Release 3. Combating inflation
We need to end the tax pyramiding with the GRT tax. We also need to need to stop the double taxation of social security.
We need to end the red tape and regulation for small business. It is hard for small business owners to open a business due to all the regulations put forth in this state. Paid family leave would be. detrimental to our small businesses and our economy. I will fight to make sure it does not pass.
We need to make sure every student proficient in reading by the third grade. We also need to stop social promotion.