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NM State Senator District 21

Represents a district in the New Mexico State Senate, which has 42 members. In odd-numbered years, the legislature meets for 60 days; in even-numbered years, it meets for 30 days. The Governor may call for special sessions. Senators sponsor and vote on “reasonable and appropriate laws,” represent the constituents of their districts, and serve on legislative committees. Positions are unpaid, except for per diem expenses. Elected for a four-year term.

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    Athena Ann Christodoulou

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    John C Morton

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    Philip A Snedeker

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    Nicole L Tobiassen

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    Michael C Wiener

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What additional water policies and actions, if any, are needed in New Mexico?

What, if anything, should be done to improve public safety?

What programs or actions, if any, would you support to provide more affordable housing?

How can New Mexico diversify its economy?

Should legislators be paid a salary? Why or why not?

Campaign Mailing Address 8751 Modesto Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122
Campaign Phone 505-507-1955
Campaign Email
Twitter @athena4NM
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Occupation Commander (ret.) - entrepreneur
I was the committee analyst for the 2023 NM House Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources committee. I’m an energy and environmental engineer, but policy and people minded. Retired Navy Commander, tech entrepreneur, member of Sierra Club, and former president of NMSEA, I have been in/co-organized: Clean energy, environment, and RE day in Santa Fe as well as made public comments elsewhere, including the Air Quality Board, NM Environmental Improvement Board, EPA, PRC, and ABQ Journal.
Transition NM to pollution-free energy by being on the Finance Committee to monitor 2023 SB 26 to free NM from O/G revenues and give us healthier air, water, and food. Fully fund NMED and EMNRD and give our state land office as much say over oil and gas leasing of state public lands as they wield over RE leases. Institute immediate limits on methane leaks and wasted $ since it is over 150 times worse than CO2. Stop subsidizing polluters at the cost of New Mexicans’ health and welfare. G+HSπ
Create a NM Water Dept. Gather all stakeholders including acequias, MRCOG, agriculture, State water engineer, Interstate Stream Commission, NMED & EMNRD. Designate produced water as a hazardous waste. An environmental engineer, I see our biggest efforts still need to go to reducing fossil fuel emissions. Otherwise water might become cost prohibitive for a large population and agriculture. I’d seek help from experts like Norm Gaume and Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates.
Public Safety is a top priority. Our governments must collaborate in diverting our youth toward success, address mental illness and drug addiction, enact gun safety laws, change police tactics and tech to catch the guilty, yet still protect 2nd graders AND our 2nd Amendment rights. I would sit down with BCSO, AG, our DA and others involved to craft any such legislation and focus on protecting our law-abiding citizens. But FYI, hotter temperatures mean hotter tempers and increased crime. G+HSπ
NM has a shortage of skilled construction workers. This low supply increases the construction cost of homes and drives down supply. Bidding wars drive up market prices favoring the already wealthy. NM can incentivize training for construction workers and managers, including immigrants and protect their working rights. Additionally, NM can incentivize construction and operation of Section 8 housing for low-income people interspersed with multi-economic housing like at Sawmill land trust.
Rewarding bad players impedes new, clean energy and industries. Stop polluter welfare. Require the O/G industry to plug bad wells before drilling new ones (>14k in NM). In addition, we need to continue establishing NM as a clean energy hub, outdoor tourism destination, film industry star, bioscience incubator, tech transfer channel, and space industry location. Ensure all industries are paying their fair share of taxes. Less taxes on the hard working middle class and more on the ultra wealthy.
A paid salary for legislators is a common sense decision that must be passed promptly. Paying NM legislators will stimulate a broader representation of younger, qualified people. The legislative capacity of NM is unreasonably small, forcing legislators to cram a year’s worth of work into a month or two at a low per diem of $150. Continue modernizing the legislature with paid staff and longer sessions. It will bring NM back to government by, with, and for the people, not corporations. G+HSπ
Campaign Phone 505-220-3484
Twitter @mortonfornm
Campaign Website
Occupation US Air Force Intelligence Officer, Ret.
"My decades of military experience in U.S. Air Force intelligence has given me the tools to analyze & assess problems facing our state and offer detailed solutions, not just tired political platitudes. I will approach the state senate with this background, & in cases such as our fentanyl and human trafficking crises, my work with Federal agencies will allow me to make suggestions for solving these tough problems, and others, with substantive proposals."
"Our state needs urgent reform in so many areas, it's difficult to narrow them down to just one priority. But one that requires attention urgently is our economy. MLG and her extreme allies in the Roundhouse are activities making war on our most productive industry: oil & natural gas production. MLG & her allies don't listen to the people of NM, but to special interests in DC and California. We need to build up and improve this backbone of our economy, and attract high tech companies."
"We should support policies and legislation that lay the groundwork for water reclamation plants that capture and purify brackish, underground, and groundwater for future use."
National Guard troops and other law enforcement agencies should be sent to our border with Mexico to deter Cartels, drug trafficking, and human trafficking, until Congress acts to pressure Pres. Biden to enforce the law.
This is largely a local issue, and as the governing body of our state's largest city, ABQ's city council should act to create zoning regulations in areas where appropriate to allow private developers to create affordable housing and "Section 8" housing. up to now, they have failed to take action to solve an out-of-control homelessness crisis.
Attracting industry and small businesses to New Mexico is vital to ensuring future prosperity. We must work to create a business friendly state. This can be done by promoting lower personal and business taxes, improving the educational outcomes of students, and ending wars against law enforcement officers and oil & natural gas, two industries that fuel our cars as well as our state budget.
Many states reimburse legislators for travel expenses during legislative sessions, and that is an appropriate way to "pay" legislators
Campaign Phone 505-610-6552
Facebook http://N/A
Twitter @N/A
Occupation Law Enforcement/ Corrections Administrator
B.A. Degree-Social Science, M.A. Degree-Educational Administration, WNMU,Silver City, NM, 2 yr. Municipal Police Officer, 10 yr. Senior Officer-NM State Police, Former Elected Sheriff-Quay County, NM, 31 yr. Career-Law Enforcement and Corrections -Administrator-NM-Probation/Parole Division-Albuquerque. NM. Certified NM Secondary Level School Teacher.
Advocate for, fund, and support comprehensive crime and violence reduction measures and initiatives, coupled with support of innovative crime prevention strategies involving support, funding, and advocacy for programs addressing alcohol, substance abuse, and mental health problems. Support and advocacy for, and funding of Education and related measures and initiatives.
Greater educational/public information outreach relative to conservancy, greater use of recycling, Graywater use, improved irrigation methods, restrictions on water usage, conversion of lawns, vegitation to low water use plants, gravel landscaping, incentives for conservation and use of such technology.
Fund, support, advocacy of, comprehensive crime and violence reduction initiatives and measures, funding of treatment programs addressing substance and alcohol abuse, mental health problems, strengthen and support changes to Pre-Trial Detention statutes. ensuring violent, repeat, predatory criminals are held in custody pending trial, improve our Educational/Vocational systems and offerings, improvement in treatment of youthful, juvenile offenders, early family intervention programs.
Assist in stability of Veterans, the unhoused, low and fixed income individuals via financial assistance programs, with specific requirements and obligations tailored to their presenting, individual needs/situations, with the objective of self sufficiency and self support. Explore the need for restrictions on rental increases, enabling affordable housing for those living on a fixed income.
By offering affordable housing, and employment, by encouraging business development and relocation, by investing and promoting our State's commitment to the use of clean energy, wind and solar, and corresponding employment opportunities associated with such. Expanding upon and supporting our film industry and associated opportunities for employment. Expanding our Tourism industry and related employment opportunities. By showcasing our Higher Educational Institutions and their offerings.
No. The role of the legislature is in providing service to the Citizens of this State, their needs, and the resolution of their concerns. Apporopriate provisions are in place for meals, lodging, and travel, while in such service.
Campaign Phone 505-908-0186
Campaign Email
Twitter @nicolefornm
Campaign Website
Occupation Business Coach
I have been a leader in business for 25 years. The last 16 years I have coached business owners and their teams throughout New Mexico. I challenge the status quo in business models for a living and help the owner and key stake holders identify challenges and opportunities that require innovation and change to move the team and organization towards their short and long term goals, while living their mission and fulfilling their vision. I want to take these skills to improve NM for all.
I am passionate about growing our economy by improving and innovating our public education system, making sure our youth are exposed to different career paths and are able to graduate high school with real life job training, certifications and/or college courses. I want to bolster our community centers where all ages can participate in activities, sports and adult learning. I want to incentivize Dr's to return to NM and serve our communities and address the many challenges facing our medical sys
Obviously as we grow, water conservation is paramount. We need to be proactive in this area to ensure we have an efficient long term plan to address changing needs, with changing annual precipitation rates. We also need to balance this with preserving property and water rights.
This is a huge area of concern for all New Mexicans. The Arnold Tool needs to be evaluated in its original form(we only use 2 of the 3 catergories) or its use discontinued to end catch and release. We need tougher legislation for criminals and robust proventative programs that address the root causes of crime in our communities.
I believe this first begins with addressing job readiness, since we have the 2nd highest adult illiteracy rate in the nation and the growth of full time higher wage job opportunities in our state.
We need to eliminate GRT so that small business can better compete in the market. Without a focus on home grown entreprenuership and expanding our focus on emerging technologies, New Mexico will continue to fall behind.
I believe in merit based pay, so currently I would not be in favor of rewarding legislators who are taking our state in the wrong direction and have not improved our state rankings in many keys area such as child wellfare, public education and crime.
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. Box 13462
Albuquerque, NM 87192
Campaign Phone 505-688-0004
Occupation Consultant/ Retired Realtor / Former Business Owner/ County Commissioner/NM Senator/ City Councilor
I am the only candidate in this race who has any elective experience as I've served as a City Councilor, State Senator and County Commissioner. I know how to work with others and have a long record of accomplishment getting things done. I've lived in NM over 51 years, and a graduate of UNM. I was a Realtor for 25 years, founded a small business and am a world traveler having visited over 100 countries. I received the Outstanding Leadership Award from the Mid Region Council of Governments in 2013
Crime and Homelessness. Increase Penalties for criminal behavior and provide funding for more prosecutors. Mandate that the homeless must be put in treatment or go to jail for violating laws like: outdoor camping, public defecation, drug use, public intoxication. We have the money (via the Behavioral Health Tax) to pay for treatment.
We can reclaim brackish water / and water that needs to be desalinated and use it for agricultural purposes via a pipeline ; creating thousands of jobs.
We need more police period! Everything must be done to encourage officers in other jurisdictions to transfer here, bonuses can be paid, salaries increased, etc. I will also sponsor Capital Punishment for cop killers/ correctional officers as we once had.
We should set aside some tracts of state land where small entry level homes can be built and then offer subsidies of interest rates to make the loans more affordable.
We need vocational programs so students can be taught a trade: plumbers, electricians, auto diesel mechanics, etc. I'm convinced part of our problem nationally is that we need a re-branding with a one word state name like New Mexico Federal Educators Credit Union - did with their rebranding to NUSENDA. I want to start this process with a Constitutional Amendment to see if the citizens would support it? The FREE publicity would be incredible. Being linked to Mexico has not been good for us.
Yes. An independent panel can come up with the amount based on what other neighboring states pay their legislators. It is important that we are able to attract people from all walks of life; not just retired or independently wealthy individuals.