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NM State Senator District 14

Represents a district in the New Mexico State Senate, which has 42 members. In odd-numbered years, the legislature meets for 60 days; in even-numbered years, it meets for 30 days. The Governor may call for special sessions. Senators sponsor and vote on “reasonable and appropriate laws,” represent the constituents of their districts, and serve on legislative committees. Positions are unpaid, except for per diem expenses. Elected for a four-year term.

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    Michael Padilla

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What additional water policies and actions, if any, are needed in New Mexico?

What, if anything, should be done to improve public safety?

What programs or actions, if any, would you support to provide more affordable housing?

How can New Mexico diversify its economy?

Should legislators be paid a salary? Why or why not?

Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 67545
Albuquerque, NM 87193
Campaign Phone 505-977-6247
Twitter @@senpadilla
Campaign Website
Occupation Business owner
Growing up in extreme poverty, foster homes, and with various family members, it taught me to understand the importance of working for the community. I am a father with grown children who have obtained masters degrees, who also work for the community. I am a business owner that has created thousands of jobs in different parts of NM. I have served in the state senate for twelve years, including in leadership as majority whip for five years. I have passed legislation that directly impacts poverty.
My top priority is to eliminate poverty in our state. I am doing this through the passage of legislation that proactively affects early childhood education. I and others created a new department of state government that positively impact children from birth to five and prepares them for K-16 education. For the issues related to poverty today, I passed the legislation called the Hunger Free Student Bill of Rights (2017) and University Free Breakfast and Lunch for all (2023).
A requirement for water management and conservation for all children prior to graduation. I have introduced this legislation but have not been able to get it passed yet.
I am in favor the governor's crime package and would support a special session to pass it and fund it. This legislation strengthens penalties while balancing services.
I have been a member of the Mortgage Finance Authority for twelve years. I served on the Governor's Housing Investment Council. I and representative Meredith Dixon passed the Opportunity Enterprise Act and amended in 2024 to make housing infrastructure permissible in the act. We also added $125M to these projects. I think we need more of these items, and a reform of all housing polices, including permitting, COs, planning, etc.
We need to invest in industries that are seeing growth, while funding our universities to train workers for those industries in a much more organize and well-funded manner.
Yes. After serving for twelve years, I can speak from experience that legislative actions would be more well designed and contain greater input from a wider spectrum of the community if legislators had the necessary time to invest the time. Many legislators, including myself, work in our businesses or in jobs to support our families while we serve, but it is extremely difficult to do both well.