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NM State Senator District 08

In addition to other duties prescribed by law, senators enact “reasonable and appropriate laws,” represent the constituents of their district, and serve on standing or interim committees. The legislature meets each year beginning in January. In odd-numbered years, it meets for 60 days; in even-numbered years, it meets for 30 days. The Governor may call special sessions. Candidates must be at least 25 years old and must be a resident of the district from which elected. They serve a four-year term. Senators do not receive a salary, but they do receive a pre-set per diem.Senado de New MexicoAdemás de otros deberes prescritos por la ley, los senadores promulgan “leyes razonables y apropiadas”, representan a los electores de su distrito y sirven en comités permanentes o interinos. La legislatura se reúne cada año a partir de enero. En los años impares, se reúne durante 60 días; en los años pares, se reúne durante 30 días. El gobernador puede convocar sesiones especiales. Los candidatos deben tener al menos 25 años de edad y deben ser residentes del distrito de donde fueron elegidos. Sirven para un mandato de cuatro años. Los senadores no reciben un salario, pero reciben un pago preestablecido por día.

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    Pete Campos

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    G Michael Lopez

Biographical Information

1. Why do you want to run for this seat?

2. How have your experience and education prepared you for this position?

3. What will be your highest priorities?

4. How can the legislature address water issues in an increasingly arid state?

5. What should the legislature do to improve public safety in New Mexico?

6. What, if any, changes to NM’s tax structure do you support?

Campaign Mailing Address 418 Raynolds Ave
Las Vegas, NM 87701
Campaign Phone 505-425-0508
Campaign Email
Occupation Educator/Small Businessperson (retired)
I hope to continue serving as a lifelong public servant which began as a boy scout leader. I thoroughly enjoy serving constituents and their needs.
I am a lifelong public servant (servidor de la gente). I have served in numerous civic organizations and positions of leadership such as Chamber of Commerce President, Mayor, School Superintendent, College President and State Senator. I have a doctorate in Educational Leadership from UNM and hold a teacher, counselor and administrator license from the NM Public Education Department. A total of 27.5 years in education, 25 years in small business, 33 years as a State Senator (currently the most senior member of the senate.
Health Care for All Education for All Good Paying Jobs for All Water/Environment/Community Infrastructure Resilient & Vibrant Economy for all rural & frontier communities
I have been directly involved in resolving water issues as a civic leader, Mayor and State Senator for over 45 years. Strong water mapping and planning, adjudication, efficient water use, repair of acequias, dams, watersheds, community infrastructure, and more effective water holding, treatment, and distribution systems.
This is a significant multi-prong and dominant issue. It's incumbent to fully support law enforcement officials and officers with the necessary resources to fully execute all facets of their responsibilities, review and update laws, ensure victim reparation, address the consequences of crimes by the offenders, that includes penalties, incarceration, probation, rehabilitation, mental and physical health, education and job placement with a support base when individuals are released and reintegrated back into society.
A simple, streamlined, consistent tax system that makes it easier and more understandable when the general public and small business persons prepare to submit their tax information.
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