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Dona Ana County Magistrate Judge Division 1

Magistrate JudgeOne of 67 judges in the state. There are 54 magistrate courts. Courts have limited jurisdiction, jury trials. Hear these types of cases: Tort, contract landlord/tenant rights up to $10,000, felony preliminary hearings, misdemeanor, DWI/DUI and other traffic violations. Must be at least 18 years of age, reside in the district from which elected, and have graduated from high school or attained the equivalent. Four-year term.Juez MagistradoUno de los 67 jueces del estado. Hay 54 tribunales de primera instancia. Los tribunales tienen jurisdicción limitada, juicios con jurado. Escuchan estos tipos de casos: agravios, derechos contractuales de propietarios e inquilinos de hasta $10,000, audiencias preliminares de delitos graves, delitos menores, sanciones por conducir bajo los efectos o influencia del alcohol o estupefacientes (DWI/DUI) y otras violaciones de tráfico. Debe tener al menos 18 años de edad, residir en el distrito en el que sea elegido y haberse graduado de la escuela preparatoria o equivalente. Mandato de cuatro años.

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    Nathan William Graff

Biographical Information

1. What skills, education and prior experiences qualify you for this office?

2. If elected, what are your highest priorities?

3. Would the county be better served with a metropolitan court system? Please explain.

4. What changes are needed, if any, to improve the magistrate court system?

Campaign Email
Campaign Phone 5052804927
Occupation Judge
I practiced almost exclusively criminal law while in private practice in Albuquerque, moving on to practicing only criminal law as Public Defender in both Albuquerque and Las Cruces, and I will have a year of experience as a Magistrate Judge in May of 2024.
Uphold the Constitutions of New Mexico and the United States of America from the Bench in Dona Ana County Magistrate Court
Yes. I have practiced in both the Metropolitan and Magistrate systems and Las Cruces would be greatly served by a metropolitan court due to 1) access to resources and 2) greater transparency within the community.
More transparency to the public, however, with recent initiatives, that is being provided with recent implemented changes to court websites. Additionally more access to alternative dispositions (as would be provided through a metropolitan court) would benefit the diverse needs of Dona Ana County.