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District Attorney 11th Judicial District Division 02

The District Attorney represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses. New Mexico has 13 judicial districts for which there is an elected District Attorney. DAs typically handle the following tasks: conduct grand jury investigations, review police reports and the criminal charges, handle preliminary hearings and all other courtroom-contested matters, offer plea bargains, conduct bench or jury trials, and litigate appeals. Four-year term.

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    Grant Birtcher

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    Bernadine Martin

Biographical Information

1. What experience and education qualifies you to be District Attorney?

2. What are your highest priorities for this office?

3. How do you intend to accomplish them?

4. What, if any, alternatives to incarceration do you support for nonviolent crimes?

Campaign Mailing Address 405 Coyote Canyon Dr
Gallup, NM 87301
Campaign Phone (505) 979-3541
Campaign Email
I am a former state prosecutor, a former Sergeant in the Marine Corps, Scout Sniper and combat veteran. I have been practicing law for the past 9 years.
To fully staff the office with experienced criminal law attorneys and to prioritize prosecuting violent crimes where there are victims in need of justice.
I have four (4) experienced criminal law attorney's ready to come over if I am in office. I have no doubt that I can fully staff the office with attorneys, investigators and support staff in the first year.
I am willing to work with anyone who does not commit a violent offense or an offense where there is a victim. If there are programs available that can help these individuals stay out of "the system" then I am open to suggestion. Sometimes it is best to work with these types of people to rehabilitate them to be productive members of society.
Campaign Phone 505-413-8773
Campaign Email
Occupation District Attorney
I began my prosecution career in McKinley County in 2001; I have more than 17 years' experience as a prosecutor in State of NM and the Navajo Nation (Chief Prosecutor). I developed an effective prosecution policy that is effective and has the best interests of the public in mind. The DWI conviction rate is over 80% when it was at 37% prior to 2021.
Keep trained/experienced/qualified prosecutors whether by employment or contract to meet the ends of justice. Second, secure convictions so that defendants are held accountable for their crimes.
Focus on hiring trained/experience/qualified prosecutors who are well versed in the law and rules; work closely with law enforcement; extend fair plea offers so defendants are given the opportunity to change their behavior through supervised probation.
Supervised probation works well in McKinley County. Probation staff are experienced and can find resources that will assist defendants in addressing substance abuse issues (which is a major problem in this county).