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District Attorney 6th Judicial District

The District Attorney represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses. New Mexico has 13 judicial districts for which there is an elected District Attorney. DAs typically handle the following tasks: conduct grand jury investigations, review police reports and the criminal charges, handle preliminary hearings and all other courtroom-contested matters, offer plea bargains, conduct bench or jury trials, and litigate appeals. Four-year term.

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    Michael R Renteria

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    Norman R Wheeler

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1. What skills, education and prior experiences qualify you for this office?

2. If elected, what are your highest priorities?

3. What criminal justice reforms do you support, if any?

4. Explain what factors you would consider when declining to prosecute a case?

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Occupation Attorney
I have practiced both civil and criminal law for 43 years. I have prosecuted in two states and in four different districts in New Mexico. In the criminal arena I’ve resolved thousands of cases at the felony level. These cases run the gamut from non-violent drug possession to highly organized crime and racketeering to first degree murder.

New Mexico is ranked the worst state for crime in the country. We need DAs who have qualified experience and don’t ignore the law. I will put protecting the community first.

A community’s prosperity depends on the citizens feeling safe. It takes dependable law enforcement officers and determined and competent professionals in the District Attorney’s Office to hold criminals accountable. I will prioritize building strong bridges with law enforcement and victim support organizations to better serve the public.

Additionally, I will not let the dangerous practice of “catch-and-release” further continue. It can be said that the District Attorney’s office “holds the keys to the jail.” If I am elected, I will keep dangerous criminals in jail pending trial. Even simply prosecuting crime rather than letting offenders off easy would be a step up for this DA’s Office. The community has suffered enough.

There is currently a revolving door of defendants to the detriment of the public because of the horrendous “catch-and-release” policy currently in place. This is a position of public service, not a vehicle to abuse political power. I will meet with victims and members of the public and understand their concerns, and I will stop the practice of releasing dangerous criminals back onto the streets.
Prosecutors in New Mexico take an oath to uphold the Federal and State Constitutions and the Laws of the State of New Mexico. In every case evaluation I determine constitutionality first. Then I examine the facts of the case and determine probable cause. I will not be swayed by emotion, bias or politics. There is an established process for prosecution, and I have been disappointed in the neglect of the current DA’s office to follow through with this process.