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KY House District 77

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    George A Brown

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    Daniel B Whitley

Biographical Information

Why do you want to serve in the House of Representatives and what makes you the most qualified candidate?

The Commonweath is experiencing a period of prosperity. What areas would you support giving additional funding to?

What tax reform measures would you support?

Recent school shootings have mobilized students in Kentucky and across the country. What legislation would you support to get sensible gun regulations?

Would you support a constitutional amendment providing automatic restoration of voting rights after felons have completed their sentences? Why or why not?

What is your position on women's reproductive rights?

Campaign Phone (859)312-7513
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I aim to repeal right-to-work legislation and union-busting practices, along with prevailing wage legislation like Davis Bacon. I am an uncompromised advocate for the people of Kentucky!

As for qualifications: Experience, I bring 10 years of elected experience as a representative and another 13 as a city council member. Record of Effective Service, I understand the legislative process and have a proven track record of effective service. Dependability, I maintain perfect attendance and am known for my dependability. Authenticity, Constituents value my authentic approach and consistent representation.

I support funding for the following: - KSU sustainability initiatives - Affordable housing projects - Employee pay raises - Education upgrades and teacher compensation - Infrastructure improvements such as roads, water, electricity, and expanding internet capacity - Transportation enhancements - Strengthening SNAP benefits
I advocate for: - Retaining state income tax (oppose rising sales tax) - Implementing business-friendly initiatives for employment and economic development - Creating jobs for the 21st-century economy, including payroll tax adjustments
I sponsor and cosponsor legislation to eliminate automatic weapons and expanded magazines. I've also filed the Baby Dre Act for responsible gun ownership.
I support automatic restoration of voting rights for individuals who have completed their sentences and paid all restitution. Currently, Kentucky along with Virginia and Iowa are one of the three states left that do not automatically restore voting rights, leading to disenfranchisement and "taxation without representation."
Affordable healthcare is a priority. I oppose decisions like Dobbs that limit abortion rights, considering they are essential healthcare. I've also sponsored House Bill 306 and support initiatives like Obamacare to improve access to healthcare, addressing rising costs that hinder many citizens' access to essential services.
Campaign Phone 8593092648
Education B.A University of Kentucky, J.D Florida A&M College of Law
I ran for the House of representatives because I firmly believe our district needs a stronger voice. I bring new birth of energy to face the difficult task of taking on the house republicans. Dissatisfied with the level of communication from our current state representative, I decided to run. As a father, raising a son, the issues and the attacks on the public school system are concerning for me. In particular, the attempts to defund the public-school systems. I am a proud graduate of the Fayette County Public School System and I am blessed to rely on the same school system to educate my son. I am running to fight to keep the same, if not better school system, for my son that has benefited me in my professional accomplishments. Finally, there is a lack of communication from Frankfort to our local district. My goal is to reenergize our base fight to keep the 77th District relevant in Frankfort as our district struggles to have our voices heard.
In 2023, legislation was passed to lower the individual income tax rate annually. Currently, that tax is 4.0 percent; however, due to a shortfall in revenue, the state was not able to meet the requirements of the state budget to continue lowering the income tax. In addition, citizens and business owners were not happy about the added Kentucky sales and usage tax applied to services such as recreational and athletic instruction, fitness training, postage, summer camps tuition and fees, and social events like movies and concerts. Kentucky’s General Fund receipts for fiscal year 2023 were $15.1 billion, exceeding budgeted estimates by $1.4 billion. If elected, I will be a strong advocate for some of the surplus funds to be used to improve o
As a business owner who desires to keep more of my business profits and pay less taxes, I struggle with this question. Far too often candidates and politicians say what sounds popular to be elected. In truth, as a small business owner, I would love to see the tax dollars paid to the government reinvested in my business to assist with payroll costs. I would love to see reform on how true small businesses are taxed. My district is driven by small business owners like me, who believe in the American Dream.
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In America, there is fundamentally nothing more important than your ability to vote. A vote is how a citizen voices their satisfaction not only in a candidate but in our government. I believe strongly that if a person serves their punishment and completes the process of being rehabilitated, we should never keep their voices unheard. The true power of democracy is excised with a VOTE! I would give my full support a constitutional amendment to providing automatic restoration of voting rights after felons have completed their sentences.
I believe that women should have full control of their reproductive and childbearing decisions. It should be considered a private matter. Kentucky women should have access to contraception as well as safe environments to raise their children. We cannot continue to fight against programs to support families, and then oppose abortion. Instead of reducing funding of programs that support families, Kentucky needs to support families in need of healthcare, childcare, energy assistance, employment training and career opportunities, and counseling services.