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Fayette County Urban Council District 1

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    Tayna Fogle

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    Tyler Morton

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    Darnell Tagaloa

Biographical Information

What is your professional background, and what makes you the most qualified candidate for the Urban County Council in your District?

What do you see as the highest priority issue facing your district, and how will you address it?

A primary purpose of the Urban Service Boundary is to permit new development within Lexington while safeguarding rural areas. As our population increases, this Boundary is continually challenged by the desire for development and the need for housing and public facilities. How would you protect the balance between urban growth and rural protection and preservation?

Many citizens in the region lack private transportation and rely on accessible, reliable, safe, and affordable public transportation. What measures do you support to meet the needs of a growing population in Lexington, Fayette County and adjacent counties that requires public transportation for jobs, medical care, groceries, and other needs?

Crime rates, including violent crime, are increasing in our community. Some cities address youth crime using trauma-informed systems that go beyond incarceration and attend to the core of violence by providing rehabilitation and support that address mental health and trauma-abuse history. How would you work to build and fund such holistic programs?

Lack of affordable housing and its connection to poverty, crime, poor physical and mental health, and poor educational outcomes is well-documented. In Lexington, thousands of families pay more than 50% of their income on rent, while others live in substandard housing or are homeless. What measures do you support to address affordable housing in the community? 

If elected, how will you make it easier for residents to participate in local government?

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Education BA
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My professional background lies in the vein of advocacy. My full-time job is with the Kentuckians For The Commonwealth as lead organizer are 43 year old organization is a grassroots organization that deals with injustices across the state of Kentucky.
My highest priority is housing and public safety. For the past year, learning the position, and how government truly works the unhoused has been a priority and continues to be one. I am addressing it through Council by in four permanent structures, including a permanent shelter to aid and wrap around services to give dignity back to those who have lost their way due to what ever circumstances that has stem in a homeless situation. I have asked for $9 million to be set aside to assist in housing over 900 Fayette County school children who are living in homelessness. My attention is also toward seniors, and those who are suffering from mobility and mental illness.
Green space: In the first district we have a lot of abandon houses in empty lot that can be developed Louisville Kentucky has a great plan that I will be studying for my next term in office. That community has been able to tap into federal money as well as local funding, supported by their US Congressional leader. Our very own US Representative told me that he would like to introduce a piece of legislation centering around homelessness and Recovery. In my opinion, the slow down of the continual urban service boundary needs to happen weed the city Council must look at Infill renovations and development
First, I’d like to continue to partner with Oak Street medical service located in the first district who has transportation for their clients. Healthy communities require climate resiliency. Bus routes need to run more often reduce rates can be expanded for people who are on snap benefits, section 8 vouchers along with the people with disabilities LFUCG can partner with large employers to incentivize walking, biking and using public transportation, safer communities with safer lanes for such folks, especially around the busiest streets as we continue to adventure into regional partnerships and economic development. Transportation must be a priority.
In my seat for the past year the lack of funding for mental health youth programming and incarceration has been left off the table and out of the budget. I will continue to research data and ask for other partners who are doing the work in our community to be funded. OneLex contracts with partners that are doing the work however, there are so many more nonprofit successful groups that are not funded. Our office is investing in renovating the Robert H Williams cultural center asking for more community centers and for funding program directors to keep it simple go back to the whiteboard go back to the drawing board and look at what was successful in stressful times mental health services Hass to be, one of the number one priorities for our youth dealing with healing and trauma.Impacted people and people who are living with lived experience should head up these efforts
Affordability. I will try to build relationships with homeowners and people with power for housing. I will continue to take away the stigma of vouchers and I will continue to work on the state level to dismantle bills like house bill 5. Bringing awareness to the city Council with community, putting a face on homelessness that doesn’t look like your typical homeless person such as the 900 children that attend Fayette COUNTY SCHOOLS.
Use every media social media outlet that I can use Basic relationship building through tagging doors with information for those who may not have a computer or may not be computer savvy Use the 15 minute cancel slot to advertise on Lex TV Always include students who are next leaders to help spread the word. For years as a constituent in the past year advocating for time changes when our council meet, I’ll keep the boots on the ground.
Campaign Phone 8596183198
Education I received my Bachelor of Arts & Sciences from the University of Kentucky with a major in sociology and a minor in philosophy. I received my master's degree in public administration with a graduate-level certificate in interdisciplinary studies from Eastern Kentucky University
I am a respected community leader, a committed healthcare professional, and a passionate voice for the underserved marginalized communities in Lexington. Humility, integrity, and grace were instilled within me from day one by my grandmother Mary Ann Henderson, the first African American to graduate from the University of Kentucky. These values have led me to my calling which is public service. I received my Bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in Philosophy and my Masters in Public Administration. Throughout my journey I have co-founded a nonprofit: Resilience Charity, and I serve Lexington as a healthcare professional in the Operating Room. Likewise, I've served as an Intern in the 1st District Council Office under Councilman James Brown, and I was a full-time Legislative Aide serving the 1st District. Simply put, I am well rooted in the 1st District and ready to collaboratively address our challenges head-on by drawing from my knowledge, experience, upbringing, and solid values.

The highest priority issue facing our district is community safety. We must address our community safety challenges head-on. If elected I will make sure that the quality of life and safety of our constituents is put at the forefront, ensuring that there is access to accessible leadership, information, and resources, while addressing each challenge. I will advocate for community violence intervention; investing in outreach activities programs and year-round resources tailored to the youth. I will provide an amplified presence of mental health resources. I will leverage funds to provide the district with traffic-calming infrastructure aiming to create safer streets and roads. No challenge is too big.

To protect the balance between urban growth and rural preservation we must rely on data-driven approaches and constituents' input. If elected I will be a strong advocate for responsible, equitable, and sustainable growth. I will advocate for investments in the 1st District ensuring that the needs of our constituents are not left behind during expansion. I will be guided by constituents' input and concerns and rely on factual data while also setting a clear vision for growth in Lexington. Lastly, I will work with all stakeholders and colleagues to create a process and guide for development in the expansion area ensuring that the expansion meets the city's needs and addresses the challenges Lexington faces.
I strongly believe constituents deserve accessible, reliable, safe, and affordable public transportation. Public transportation helps benefit air quality, provides access to vital services, and reduces traffic congestion. If elected I will advocate for Lextran to implement microtransit. Microtransit aims to improve public transportation by providing small-scale, on-demand public transit services that offer fixed and flexible routes and on-demand scheduling. Likewise, I will support Lextran, with an aim to set and meet goals for amplifying their services throughout the 1st district and city. Lastly, I will make sure the constituents are informed regarding updates, changes, and other initiatives tied to transportation services.

We must address our community violence challenge head-on through innovative problem-solving. This can be done by working with constituents, city departments, and other partners while also leveraging city funding to tackle the community violence challenge. If elected, I will research and advocate for community violence intervention programs, seeking to provide wrap-around services to those who experience community violence. I will work with ONE Lexington to connect youth to resources year-round including trauma-informed systems, mental health support, and mentorships, that meet the youth where they are. No challenge is too big if we tackle it head-on together.
There is a connection between the lack of affordable housing and the challenges undervalued communities face. This issue is a priority and must be addressed simply because it creates other pertinent challenges. If elected I will be a strong advocate for the creation of affordable housing aiming to leverage funding to increase the affordable housing fund. My office will inform residents about housing initiatives aimed at unifying and informing stakeholders regarding the trend of affordable housing in Lexington. I will be a strong advocate for constituents impacted by the housing crisis committed to providing information and resources tailored to their needs and creating more opportunities to enhance the city's current resources.
I strongly believe constituents' voices and concerns should be the driving force for decision-making in local government. As Councilmembers, we must make sure constituents are informed about what's taking place and receive the opportunity to give input. If elected, I will be an accessible leader who is attentive, responsive, and willing to share information timely. I will ensure all 1st district constituent's concerns are heard and relayed through the correct city channels when needed. I will host regular update forums, use social media, provide newsletters, and communicate relevant issues timely to the 1st district constituents. Likewise, I will have multiple avenues of communication so that constituents can have access to my office.
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