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Pennsylvania State Representative District 150

Description of office: The General Assembly is the legislative branch of government in Pennsylvania. It is composed of two houses: the Senate is the upper house, and the House of Representatives is the lower house. A majority vote in both houses is necessary to pass a law. The PA House of Representatives consists of 203 members representing one district each, with an equal number of constituents. Representatives must be at least 21 years old, have been a citizen and a resident of the state four years and a resident of their respective districts one year before their election, and shall reside in their respective districts during their terms of service. The House develops budget packages, makes taxation decisions, allocates spending, and passes laws (including redistricting in collaboration with the Senate). The House also has the exclusive authority to impeach public officials. Representatives also serve on various policy committees that may propose legislation. Term: 2 years Salary: $106,422 Vote for ONE.

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    Joe Webster

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    Simone Collins

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What do you see as the most pressing issues facing Pennsylvanians, and how would you address them?

What changes would you support making to Pennsylvania’s voting laws to expand access, ensure security, and support local election officials and processes?

What legislation would you support to comply with the Commonwealth Court's ruling that Pennsylvania’s school funding system is unconstitutional and must be reformed?

What changes, if any, would you support making to Pennsylvania’s abortion laws?

County Montgomery
Occupation State Representative, PA HD150; VP, Accenture Federal; VP Gestalt; Colonel, USAF (ret); Associate Professor
Education PhD, George Washington Univ; MA, US Naval War College; MA, Wright State Univ; BS, US Air Force Academy
Qualifications Incumbent elected 2018 who brings character, work ethic, and both analytics and compassion to the mission of serving our community.
Campaign Website
X Handle @joewebsterpa
This election is about addressing the future of Pennsylvania --- everything from public education and extreme weather events --- to protecting the right to abortion and reproductive health, to defending democracy. I work every day to fulfill the promise of justice and liberty for every Pennsylvanian.
There are two policy areas important to protecting PA’s voters: first is the administration of voting--funding election services so PA’s counties can do their work. Remember: PA’s elections were audited numerous times and they were secure. But there are also numerous technical changes required for mail-in ballots (including dates, secrecy envelopes, drop boxes) to increase access. See my bill: PA HB 282. The second step is Campaign Finance Reform. Pennsylvania has no limits on campaign contributions, gifts, and no controls on outside money, “dark money,” or foreign-owned, corporate contributions. All of this must be regulated so Pennsylvania’s elected officials serve only Pennsylvania’s interests. I have introduced those bills also.
We need to pass Governor Shapiro’s 2024-25 budget request. In this regard, the responsibility of the legislature is not “legislative.” It’s budgetary. The Governor has proposed a five year increase to meet the Constitutional requirement. We should fund $1.5B this year (we have a $14B surplus!). This provides the ability for school districts to adjust (to hire and build the programs required) and it gives Pennsylvania time to grow into its true responsibility over five years. We also need to pass HB1422 in the Senate and control the cost of cyber charter schools. Then, at the very least, we must make all charter schools subject to basic government audits. We should know where every tax dollar is spent. That’s a pretty simple principle.
Abortion is legal in Pennsylvania. And, because we have a Democratic majority in the PA House, there will be no constitutional amendment to ban abortion in Pennsylvania. Sadly, we now must also make sure women in PA are not subject to legal threats from the states that are criminalizing basic reproductive health needs. HBs 1784 through 1789, which I have cosponsored, represent a package of bills that will prohibit other states from attacking our citizens and our doctors. They protect medical records, home addresses and insurers. Most important: these bills protect the basic healthcare needs of Pennsylvania’s women. We need to pass every one of these bills.
County Montgomery
Occupation Managing Director
Education Masters from the University of Cambridge (Technology Policy), GWU Business Admin BA
Qualifications Background in policy advocacy, technology policy, nonprofits, private equity, and business operations.
Campaign Website
X Handle @SimoneHCollins
Bureaucratic and regulatory bloat has dramatically increased the cost of government and public services without any improvement in quality. A top priority of mine is to eliminate the legislative waste and bureaucratic tumors weighing down our state and to modernize government services using tech, which will improve their quality while not increasing costs.
With regard to election security and access, we need more transparency, simplicity, and uniformity in standards and procedures. I support initiatives that increase these things.
I'll support legislation that expands school choice and encourages competition between public schools, charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling.
I support abortion laws that protect cultural sovereignty and reproductive choice. Different cultural groups in our state have very different views on abortion and should not be robbed of their rights to practice their beliefs within reason (and most Americans share the same definition of what reasonable universal restrictions exist).