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Pennsylvania State Representative District 20

Description of office: The General Assembly is the legislative branch of government in Pennsylvania. It is composed of two houses: the Senate is the upper house, and the House of Representatives is the lower house. A majority vote in both houses is necessary to pass a law. The PA House of Representatives consists of 203 members representing one district each, with an equal number of constituents. Representatives must be at least 21 years old, have been a citizen and a resident of the state four years and a resident of their respective districts one year before their election, and shall reside in their respective districts during their terms of service. The House develops budget packages, makes taxation decisions, allocates spending, and passes laws (including redistricting in collaboration with the Senate). The House also has the exclusive authority to impeach public officials. Representatives also serve on various policy committees that may propose legislation. Term: 2 years Salary: $106,422 Vote for ONE.

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    Emily Kinkead

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    Matt Kruth

Biographical Information

What do you see as the most pressing issues facing Pennsylvanians, and how would you address them?

What changes would you support making to Pennsylvania’s voting laws to expand access, ensure security, and support local election officials and processes?

What legislation would you support to comply with the Commonwealth Court's ruling that Pennsylvania’s school funding system is unconstitutional and must be reformed?

What changes, if any, would you support making to Pennsylvania’s abortion laws?

County Allegheny
Occupation Legislator, Attorney
Education Bloomsburg University of PA; Bloomsburg, PA; B.A. Political Science, B.S. Biology University of Pittsburgh School of Law; Pittsburgh, PA; Juris Doctor
Qualifications Incumbent legislator, attorney
Campaign Website
X Handle @EmilyKinkeadPA
In my district, the most pressing issues are 1) blight and landslides, 2) living wages, 3) local investment. I have introduced and voted for legislation to address each of these. I have also been able to bring millions of dollars back to my region to help my communities. Some of the legislation has passed and been signed into law, some is still in the pipeline. There is a lot more work to be done - especially since Democrats only just won the majority - including increasing protections and access to reproductive healthcare, further protections and expansions of voting rights, and curbing the gun violence epidemic. This is the first time in 12 years that Democratic priorities have been moving in PA’s legislature and I want to continue that.
I support expanding automatic voter registration, early voting, and making election day a holiday, among other measures to increase voter turnout and engagement. I support providing additional funding to our counties to run elections as well as allowing mail-in ballot pre-canvassing.
As the Commonwealth Court ruled, we cannot continue to fund the lion’s share of school costs on the backs of property owners in the various districts. The inequity it creates is not just unconstitutional but unconscionable. I am excited about what the Basic Education Funding Commission (BEFC) report recommends and I am enthusiastic about supporting legislation and a budget that will implement those recommendations. I know there are people who are far greater experts than I am about this issue and I believe that the BEFC report is a culmination of a year of extensive input from those experts all across the state.
I support removing any restrictions on access to reproductive healthcare and believe that a person should have the freedom and right to make those decisions for themselves. It is not the government's business to determine if, when, or how someone gets pregnant, keeps that pregnancy, or gives birth. The government's substantial interest when it comes to reproduction is to ensure that individuals have access to the healthcare that will ensure their health and welfare in whatever direction they choose.
County Allegheny
Occupation Public School Teacher
Education BA Political Science - Grove City College / M.S.Ed. - Duquesne University
Qualifications Husband, Father, Educator, Public Servant
Campaign Website
X Handle @Kruth4PA20
The most pressing issues facing residents in our district are having more money in their pockets, feeling safe in their communities, and providing the best education for their children. I’m committed to lowering taxes and reducing daily costs to put money back in the pockets of Pennsylvanians. When it comes to safety, we need to support our first responders with the funds they need to do their jobs. We also need to prioritize victims over criminals and ensure we enforce strong penalties for offenders of violent crimes. To provide the best education, we should fully fund public education and set aside dollars for school choice. Parents should not be forced to choose between moving and sending their child to a school that meets their needs.
Our elections need to be secure and transparent which is why I am in favor of strengthening voter ID requirements; an issue widely supported by voters across the Commonwealth. Doing so provides an additional level of security that promotes confidence in the electoral process. Additionally, we need to support local election officials by providing them with the tools, resources, and training they need to ensure accurate and efficient administration of elections.
As a public-school teacher for 20+ years, I understand the importance of providing the best educational opportunities for all students. Districts across the commonwealth have unique challenges when it comes to funding. One of my top priorities is ensuring public schools are fully funded. Money alone cannot always fix schools that are not meeting the needs of students. In those instances, we need to ensure we have set aside additional dollars that will follow students and allow parents to choose the best educational opportunity for their child. The 20th District is blessed with three amazingly unique school districts, including the largest in the county and one of the smallest. I will do everything I can to ensure they are funded fairly.
Pennsylvania’s current law allows legal abortions for any reason up to 6 months of pregnancy. We should encourage a culture of life but must also be willing to support compromise legislation that can be generally accepted by a majority of Pennsylvanians and does not allow for extreme positions such as a ban on abortions, criminalizing women who have abortions, taxpayer funded abortions, or late-term abortions. Society would benefit from fewer abortions not more and the Pennsylvania State government should help make abortion a last option, not a first one. Most importantly we need to support women facing unplanned or unsupported pregnancies.