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Pennsylvania US Representative District 3

Description of office: The US Constitution requires that the House of Representatives be composed of Representatives from each state, elected in proportion to population. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, with 17 Representatives allotted to Pennsylvania after the 2020 census. A US Representative must be at least 25 years old, have been a citizen of the United States for the past seven years, and be a resident of the state they seek to represent at the time of the election (though not necessarily the same district). The House of Representatives is responsible for introducing and voting on bills, resolutions and amendments, and for approving the budget. Representatives also serve on various policy committees. The House may send Articles of Impeachment of elected officials to the Senate and elects the President if there is a tie in the Electoral College.Term: 2 yearsSalary: $174,000Vote for ONE.

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    Dwight Evans

Biographical Information

What do you see as the most pressing issues facing the country, and how would you address them?

What changes, if any, would you support that would help Congress function more efficiently and effectively?

What legislation would you support to protect voting rights and safeguard access to free and fair elections?

How do you view the role of the US in responding to challenges facing the international community?

County Philadelphia
Occupation U.S. House of Representatives
Education Community College of Philadelphia and LaSalle University
Qualifications I have served in public office since 1980. Thirty-six years as a state legislator and eight years in the U.S. House of Representatives. I work for the people I represent, not the other way around. I truly believe that as an elected official my constituents want to see me govern, not grandstand.
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X Handle @DwightEvansPA
There are serious and growing threats to our democracy and if we don't fight back with everything that we have our nation could be fundamentally altered forever. It is critical that I call attention to these undemocratic efforts and use every resource at my disposal to encourage citizens to engage in the voting process. As elected officials and candidates we don't always do a good job of connecting the votes that people cast with outcomes from the government. We need to show them what it is that we accomplish on their behalf and listen to them when we fall short of the voters expectations. This is a democracy if we can keep it and right now we must do everything that we can to make sure it is in place for future generations.
I represent a district of approximately 770,000 constituents and it has serious challenges. I don't see my district being an outlier and one thing I would like to see is additional resources so House members could hire more constituent service staff in their districts. The staff I have has tremendous case loads and additional staff would help to address this and help more constituents on a regular basis. I'd like to see quicker integration of technology into government services and make it easier to retrieve important documents for constituents.
I'm in full support of automatic voter registration programs like the one Governor Josh Shapiro implemented in Pennsylvania last year. I would like to see same day voter registration and voting. I think there should be more resources for states and boards of elections. Too often we ask them to take on new challenges or implement new programs but don't include more funding for them to adequately follow through. I would like to see less restrictions on the use of vote by mail and I definitely would not be in favor of any form of universal voter id legislation.
There are many challenges going on across the world and as the world's strongest democracy the US has a leading role to play in addressing these challenges. Sometimes our roll comes in the form of foreign aid to nations struggling with famine or war. Other times it comes down to the US leading the charge in building up clean energy capabilities to better address the threat of global climate change. We must lead by example and build coalitions if we are to address the mainly changes going on in the world.