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Alabama Congressional District 2

Candidates to represent the Second Congressional District. This position is currently held by Martha Roby, who is not running.

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    Phyllis Harvey-Hall

  • Barry Moore

Biographical Information

How has your training, professional experience, and interests prepared you to serve as a member of Congress?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

Which do you think is more effective: short stop-gap budget approvals or a comprehensive annual budget? Why?

Do you support the Affordable Care Act? Do you support expansion of Medicaid? If you do not support the ACA and Medicaid expansion, what ideas do you support to help Alabamians gain greater access to affordable healthcare?

Congressional legislation is a major driver of energy policy in Alabama, which is both an economic and environmental issue. If elected, what opportunities do you see to address sustainability, reliability and forward-looking policy in this area?

How could you, or would you, encourage or influence law enforcement reform in District 2?

Facebook www.faceboo,com/HarveyHallforHouse
Twitter @PhyllisDHHall
Campaign Phone (334) 399-1809
I am a professionally trained educator and I have a Master’s in Educational Leadership. I started a small business that allowed me to better understand the needs of business start-ups and the needs of workforce development. Additionally, I have worked with one of the River Region’s most effective nonprofits—The Family Sunshine Center. I was successful in fulfilling program requirements and finding grant money. My varied life experiences have allowed me to work in some capacity with every sector of the public and private sector of business. I have learned to value diversity of thought and how to build a consensus to get a project completed. Most importantly, I am passionate about helping people to improve their quality of life. As a prospective member of Congress, my ability to communicate with others, my commitment to public service, and my focus on unity and bipartisan leadership will enable me to serve my district and all Alabamians with integrity and compassion.
I believe that voting is a civic duty. Therefore, I believe that every citizen of our country should find voting easy to accomplish. I will take immediate steps in Congress to protect the right to vote. I would work to restore the protections of the Voting Rights Act, specifically federal oversight of changing voting laws. I would co-sponsor the John Lewis’s Voting Rights Advancement Act to address voter suppression. I would work with fellow representatives to make early voting available in every state and territory of the United States. Elections should be fair and allow the people to have a voice in electing their leaders. Likewise, I would work to end gerrymandering district lines to prevent cracking and stacking voters for political gain. Everyone should have a right to vote, and their vote should be counted.
I believe that a comprehensive annual budget is more effective than a short stop-gap budget approval. Unfortunately, our country is suffering from partisan gridlock and special interests’ strongholds that hold our Representatives hostage and will not allow them to pass a fundamentally balanced and fair budget. A comprehensive annual budget would allow our government to be intentional in the use of resources and avoid unnecessary and wasteful spending. A comprehensive budget will allow for planning for future goals and contingencies. Contingences should not be the budget plan. The federal deficit will continue to be out of control if there is no yearly comprehensive budget plan. A comprehensive annual budget would lend itself for comparative analysis and long-term goals.
I support the Affordable Care Act. The ACA has allowed families to keep their college age children insured and has allowed people with preexisting conditions to purchase insurance. However, I do think that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be improved. One suggestion would be to expand the subsidies provided to middle income households. Medicaid Expansion is one provision under the ACA. It allows for more low-income people to be covered by insurance. Although it is not mandatory for a state to participate in the expansion of Medicaid, states that did participate in the expansion are reaping the benefits. I hope that the governor of Alabama will become enlightened to the economic benefits of Medicaid expansion.
If elected to Congress, I will be an advocate for sustainable, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, and hydropower. Biomass energy sources will benefit the economies of rural Alabama. Farmers could have a new crop to row. I will support funding and federal incentives to farmers as they transition to new crops. Monies would be available to retrain traditional fossil fuel workers as they learn how to work with cleaner energy sources.
I believe that most police officers do the job they are hired to do. I know many officers in Montgomery, and I thank them for their great work. However, in every profession, their needs to be a check and balance on wrongdoing. So, I will continue to be an advocate for Citizens Review Boards for police departments in District 2. I will also advocate for improved training with emphasis on sensitivity training. I will talk with other elected leaders to see how we can support efforts to ensure that officers are safe and have good morale while supporting efforts of de-escalation of techniques and tactics used by officers.
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