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TN State House District 15

Under the Tennessee Constitution, legislative authority of the State is vested in the General Assembly, which consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives, both dependent on the people (that is, popularly elected). The name of the legislative authority may vary from state to state, but usually it is called the Legislature or the General Assembly. The official title in our state is the "General Assembly of the State of Tennessee," but may also be properly referred to as the Legislature. The House of Representatives is composed of 99 members who are elected to two-year terms of office. They are elected by the voters of their House legislative district. A representative must be a citizen of the United States, at least 21 years old, a citizen of Tennessee for at least three years and a resident of the county he represents for at least one year before the election.

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  • Troy B. Jones

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    Sam McKenzie

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In your view, what are the 3 biggest issues facing Tennessee?

What, if anything, do you think the state of Tennessee should do to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Education Funding I believe that all children deserve quality education and teachers deserve quality pay. Fully funding the Basic Education Program would be a significant step toward improved outcomes in our Urban Schools”. With COVID there is an increased need for funding with both virtual and classroom instruction taking place simultaneously. Medicaid Expansion is a step in the right direction to ensure funding is available to our citizen’s. Currently over 300 Thousand Tennesseans are without health insurance and hospitals were negativity impacted with several rural hospitals closing as a result, leaving those residents without services. The 15th District encompasses a full socioeconomic spectrum. From the affluent to the minimum wage workers Sam’s goal is to close the gap between this spectrum. At the end of the day the people of the 15th District are hard working and deserve a true Living Wage. This can be done through recruitment and incentives that foster quality jobs
There needs to a state wide standardized plan that requires a means of testing with rapid results. Unfortunately, to stop the spread will require the means to isolate. To make the greatest impact there may have to be a pause in our non-essential activities (make sure that non-essential means “non-essential” in its definition). Bold steps must be taken to stem the increase of positive results and this may require more quarantines and significant penalties for people who refuse to comply.

We must let our actions be driven by the data collected and not political whims.
I have a heart for serving the community, and have led a life of helping people. I have the right balance or temperament, work ethic and leadership to effect change. There has to be an decrease in idle rhetoric and threats and a focus on the needs of the citizens of the state. I have considered a run for State Legislature in the past but the timing was never right as it is now. It takes great sacrifice to spend that much time in Nashville and I am up for the task.