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Albany County School District 1 At-large

Term: Four years with no term limits and expiration dates staggered for the nine nonpartisan Trustees. Area A has six representatives who must live in the city limits, excluding Cottonwood Estate and the Roach addition. Area B has one representative who must live outside Area A; there are two at-large representatives who may reside in either Area A or B.How many to vote for: There are three vacancies in Area A, none in Area B, and one At-large. Those elected join five continuing members whose terms expire in 2022: Beth Bear, Jason Tangeman, and Nate Martin, Area A, Janice Marshall, Area B, and Lawrence Perea, At-large.

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Biographical Information

Biographical information

What is the appropriate balance of power between the District Superintendent and the elected Board of Trustees?

Considering a likely income shortfall, what specific measures do you favor to balance the 2021-2022 budget?

What school board policy regarding athletic activities, as defined by the Wyoming High School Activities Association, would you advocate in light of evidence that long-term neurological issues may result from sports or activities that cause head injuries?

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Street Address 159 Antelope Ridge Loop Laramie, WY 82072
Phone 307-314-2677
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Party Affiliation Nonpartisan
I have a strong propensity to give back to the community I love. I am committed to giving the time and energy focusing on our children and their education. I have served on the Board of Laramie Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Downtown Laramie Business Association, and PTA Treasurer at Snowy Range Academy, Slade, and LJHS. I have volunteered with Junior Achievement for 10 years working with over 1,000 students. Please visit for all of my volunteerism and info.
There are checks and balances in maintaining an equilibrium of power. First and foremost, both parties will look out for the students. My responsibility lies with employing the superintendent and then with clear and effective communication together we manage policies, curriculum, budget, and facilities.
The budget will be one of the challenges the school board will face in 2021. I have worked on several non-profit and for-profit budgets over the years and am dedicated to learn, as well as bring past experiences to the future budgets of ACSD #1. We can learn from past under and over spends and make adjustments as needed.
The sport experience provides students the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and socially. It helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and an outlet for anxiety. In recent years, sports programs have been diligent to provide an environment that minimizes the risk of injury which is inherent in sports participation. I strongly support sports programs and support providing the safest practices available.
Street Address 1093 Duna Dr Laramie, WY 82070
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Party Affiliation Nonpartisan
I was born, raised and educated in Wyoming. I attended the University of Wyoming and received my degree in Microbiology. I moved back to Wyoming 5 years ago to raise my family in the state that I love. The school board is an opportunity to serve our community. As a former high school and college basketball coach, I have a unique perspective of our education system and look forward to helping with the challenges that our community faces in the years ahead.
I believe the Superintendent and the administration should provide recommendations in accordance to the 5yr Albany County School District Strategic Plan. I believe the school board and administration should work as a team. However the board is ultimately responsible for the administration's execution of the plan.
I believe the teachers are most important as they have a daily direct impact on our children. I think we need to work backwards from there to ensure the standard of education for our children. I would look for efficiencies within the budget first as well as opportunities to collaborate with other entities to creatively save money for both. I would remain open to listen to any reasonable proposal without compromising the education of our children.
I would follow the guidance from our medical experts and national high school activities associations regarding neurological injuries. I will be willing to adjust to the latest medical data and its application in our schools.
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Phone 540-820-9526
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Party Affiliation Nonpartisan
With more than 40 years’ experience in the education field, including positions as a public and private classroom teacher, county and state administrator, educational entrepreneur and professional musician, I am able to bring a variety of skills to the position of school board trustee. The current pandemic situation provides an opportunity to create new paradigms that require an out-of-the-box mindset. I will ensure that all options will be considered as we move our students into the next generation of educational delivery and, most importantly, strive to make education a lifelong goal.
The District Superintendent must work hand-in-hand with the Board of Trustees, ensuring that educational goals are current, community-appropriate and attainable. No individual opinion has a higher priority than the other, although the body of the Trustees, working in consensus, must be considered authoritarian in policy and other considerations.
An income shortfall at any time is unfortunate. At a time when classroom size must be decreased rather than increased, new processes must be utilized. Such new processes may require enhanced use of technology, increased volunteer population, and reviewable strategies related to out-of-county occurrences.
The sports activities in any school district constitute an important school-community bond. Policies related to the health of participating students must first consider the all-important aspect that any decisions related to student participation under status quo standards come first from the family with the advice of their family physician. When certain issues arise, such as the impact of head injuries to participating students, all parties should be included in policy discussions.
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Street Address 2310 Cottonwood Dr
Phone 307-742-0658
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Party Affiliation Nonpartisan
It has been my good fortune to have served as an Elementary Teacher, Media Specialist, Coach, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, Elementary Principal (Linford), High School Principal (LHS) and Adjunct Instructor (LCCC) over a 40-year career in education. Rozanne and I have been married for 39 years, and have two beautiful children (LHS Graduates!), Sarah and Jonathan, and four lovely Grandchildren, with a fifth blessing us in November. It would be an honor to represent you as an At-Large Trustee of the Albany County School Board.
The Board’s responsibilities include setting the vision and goals of the district, adopting policies that drive progress towards the district’s priorities, hiring and evaluating the Superintendent, adopting and overseeing the annual budget, and managing the employee collective bargaining process. The Superintendent is responsible for implementation of the school board's policies, vision, and goals by making the day-to-day decisions affecting educational programs, staff, and facilities, within the budget and in accordance with the law. Timely and accurate communication is essential for a succes
I believe we will experience an unprecedented funding crisis that will directly and negatively affect staffing, class size, course offerings, travel, training, technology, salaries, supplies, and facilities for several years. I am not a fan of the flat percentage, across-the-board, budget cut method. Communication with all members of our educational community will be imperative as we strive to determine essential services, support and personnel. We must build a system that objectively identifies that which is essential, and yes, enjoyable for students. We will need to explore alternative fundi
LHS was one of the first to utilize a program designed to assess the baseline of our athletes’ pre-participation neurological functioning. The information, in the event of an injury, was available to physicians to utilize as a tool designed to assist them with their diagnosis and treatment. I support policy advocating for pre-participation neurological measurement, coaches’ inservice, athlete training personnel, parent/guardian communication, a waiver process for the use of safety devices during contests/practices, budget support for safety equipment, and collaboration between schools and phys