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Four years without term limits; expiration dates staggered for the nine nonpartisan Councilors—three each from three city wards. Vote for 2 out of the four candidates in Ward 2. They will join Paul Weaver whose expires in 2022.

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    Mark Andrews

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    Sharon Cumbie

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    Tim Hale

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    Jayne Pearce

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What can the Council do to encourage community behaviors that prevent transmission of Covid-19?

How would you manage the city budget? Would you consider support for an additional one percent local sales tax in the City of Laramie, recently allowed by state law or some other measure? Please explain.

What specific steps and time frame (immediate or long-term) would you suggest to accomplish the Council’s goal of promoting economic diversity in Laramie?

Campaign Phone (307) 399-9500
Street Address 1403 Mill St Laramie WY 82070
Phone (307) 399-9500
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I am a single father of an 18 year old daughter that moved to move to Laramie in July 2008. In 1992 I had graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resource Management. Since that time I have been working as an environmental consultant for seven years, and acting as Environmental Manager for several private companies for the last twenty two years. I have a broad background in both my educational and professional experience with environmental, health and safety issues.
The city council can provide direction to county, state and federal agency guidelines already in place for dealing with the Covid-19 virus. I do not believe the council has the expertise or authority to institute additional controls on the general population of Laramie’s residents. However private businesses have a right to require any controls/restrictions on its employees and customers regarding virus transmission, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of certain groups of people.
Currently, I am opposed to an additional one percent sales tax in the City of Laramie during this extraordinary time since the Covid-19 pandemic began. There are too many individuals, and businesses alike, that are adversely affected. A one percent tax does not sound like much to ask, but just because something is allowed by state law, or other measures, does not make it sensible. Each budgeted line item needs to be looked at to see where excesses, and shortcomings occur. I am not a believer in baseline budgeting.
The council should immediately solicit from existing businesses these two items: 1) What are your immediate concerns related to local ordinances/regulations that adversely affect your business?; 2) What can the City of Laramie Council do to improve the overall business success within the city? A pro-business way of conducting the activities of council will enhance the goal of adding economic diversity to the city. Long-term goals will automatically be met by succeeding with immediate action leading to success of short-term goals.
Campaign Phone (307) 222-4749
Street Address 1422 E Park Ave Laramie WY 82070
Phone 307-222-4749
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With a PhD in Nursing, my profession/career activities have included: Professor of Nursing, Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, & community-based researcher & organizer. I am experienced working with diverse people and groups; community-based practice; program & policy development; grant writing, research, and funding management. I believe I have a skill-set that will be a useful contribution to city council governance. My strengths include written and verbal communication, organization, cooperative community engagement, and a holistic, solution-focused approach to problem-solving. I am experienced, reliable, and committed, and ready to serve Laramie.
City council members need to increase community outreach activities regarding the importance of adhering to public health practices to reduce viral spread. Council encountered significant resistance to an attempt to explore mandating wearing masks, yet when Walmart and other local businesses implemented mandatory face covering, people complied. I think our municipal governance must be firm and have the courage to implement measures that are scientifically supported for controlling spread. Together we can establish a safer environment in which we are all looking out for one another.
Yes, I would consider this option. Wyoming’s current fiscal challenges are serious as we encounter significant deficits to state revenue. Budgetary issues related to economic contraction resulting from impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and declining mineral value are present fiscal challenges we face as a community. There are many individuals who are experiencing job insecurity, unemployment, food and housing insecurity, loss of health insurance, and lowered city income, which have resulted in increased demands on community-based services. Additional fiscal support may be critical to sustain our community well-being; careful needs assessment & planning is essential.
For Laramie to be an attractive location for diverse economic development, we must build a strong community infrastructure that includes: affordable housing, transportation services, health care, work force development, broadband expansion, downtown development, and engaged inter-agency partnerships. The City of Laramie, in collaboration with a distinguished and inclusive community Steering Committee, published a strategic action plan- Thrive Laramie (1/2020) - that establishes a comprehensive approach for economic development and diversity. After review of this seminal document, I believe we have a well-constructed roadmap for accomplishing sustainable economic development.
Campaign Phone (307) 742-6288
Street Address 815 Mitchell St Laramie WY 82072
Phone 307-742-6288
A Laramie native, I am a principled man who values responsible spending of taxpayer monies, limited role of government in people’s lives, holding government officials responsible for professional behavior of service to the public rather than dictatorial styles. Don’t expect votes that support everything the city staff desires, but rather votes to support personal rights, personal property, support of small businesses, and encouraging new business to Laramie.
The Council can start by modeling good behavior, while encouraging public input. That is, they can hold their meetings in larger rooms that allow social distancing but still allow more public presence. They can ask that City Hall be opened, while providing barriers (e.g. plexiglass barriers) for City employees, so the City staff is not so isolated from the public, especially the City Manager.
No more taxes! I fail to see how sending a city council person to Washington DC in the last 30 days of their term, as a reward for voting in favor of administration proposals, benefits the taxpayer. I will call for a comprehensive audit of budget items related to travel for council members and the number of junkets the council participates in, along with explanations of how that benefits the taxpayer. I will call for a detailed analysis of the city manager’s salary, particularly the amount of time she claims her salary is based on related to the water department.
First, ease and reduce the planning and building department ordinances to encourage development and growth. Currently, the onerous ordinances send new business packing and discourage improvements to current businesses. Second, reduce water rates for users so as not to discourage businesses and homeowners from improving their property. Third, encourage tradecrafts, such as plumbing, electrical work, autoshops, welding and other trades with tax incentives. Currently, the emphasis is only on high-end technical businesses, while crafts are looked down upon. Easily accomplished within 2-3 years.
Campaign Phone (307) 703-0313
Street Address 1221 E Baker St Laramie WY 82072
Phone 307-703-0313
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I’m currently enjoying my 18th year at UW, working in the Office of Distance Education. I have a Master’s degree in Public Administration which is a good fit when you serve and work in the public sector. My husband and I are rather new empty nesters as our son now lives in North Dakota and has for just over a year. I love Laramie and have enjoyed my time on city council and I’d like to continue to serve. Find me on Facebook.
Encouraging community behaviors that prevent transmission of Covid is difficult given the challenge of inconsistent messaging that embroils this issue. We can be grateful, while remaining persistent, that our current partnership with Albany County continues to work towards communications and practices that encourage behaviors that prevent transmission. The city has already made numerous accommodations and continues to serve and message the community regarding good behaviors that prevent transmission. As a current council member I believe it is important to also model good behaviors.
Any sales tax considerations will be up to the voters to determine via a ballot initiative. While all revenue streams are important this additional regressive tax will not fix the problem. The state, our legislative body, needs to provide other tools for municipal revenue generation Municipalities statewide need options as what works in Laramie may not work in other Wyoming communities. All options should be on the table and provisions made. I would continue to manage our city budget by looking for efficiencies in all aspects of our operations while maintaining essential city services.
Obviously these are difficult times. We’ve been successful working with the Wyoming Business Council and uniquely positioned to expand and benefit from these partnerships. Please, consider the recent changes at our Airport, the Cirrus Sky project, and others. Additionally, the fostering of new partners and the promotion of entrepreneurship is critical. Importantly, our success is intertwined with policy and budgetary decisions made at the state level and I am anxiously waiting to see what opportunities for growth and diversification are made available to municipalities in Wyoming.