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Vote for four. One candidate, Warpness, is running for a two-year term to fill a resignation.Three are running for four-year terms: Gantenbein, Melone, Scozzafava. Those elected join Terry Roark whose term continues until 2022 on this five-member nonpartisan board of trustees. There is no salary or stipend.

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    Rex Gantenbein

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    Rick Melone

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    Jenna M Scozzafava

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    Guy Warpness

Biographical Information

Biographical information

How would you evaluate the management arrangement for the hospital now that it is a non-profit, under contract as an “affiliate” with the University of Colorado Health System?

Would you favor diversification of the revenue from the current three-mill tax levy for the hospital district? Explain how and why.

How can transparency and accessibility be improved for the public to offer input on their experiences with the hospital?

Campaign Phone (307) 745-3906
Street Address 150 Butte Loop Laramie, WY 82070
Phone 307-745-3906
Party Affiliation nonpartisan
I have lived in Laramie since 1985. I retired from UW in 2016 as a Professor of Medical Education and Public Health in the College of Health Sciences, where I directed a research and education center for rural health issues. I have an M.S. and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Iowa. I am running for my third term on the ACHD Board of Trustees, of which I am currently the vice-chair. I am married to Dr. Judith Powers, and we are the owners of a Dober(wo)man Miss Jean Brodie.
It has worked well for IMH. The affiliation with UCHealth has provided resources that have helped in a number of ways, including clinician recruitment and equipment acquisition. It has also given support for visiting specialists that offer services not available directly from IMH.
No, I would not. The tax levy provides a stable and reliable source of revenue, which helps keep patient costs down. Furthermore, it has been especially valuable during the COVID-19 months
There is a link on the IMH web site for feedback that goes directly to a patient care coordinator. The IMH administration regularly publishes publicly available summaries of Board of Directors meetings and other news items. I would remind the community that, by statute, our Trustee meetings are open to the public (currently through Zoom), and we welcome public comment or feedback.
Campaign Phone (307) 721-2094
Phone 307-721-2094
Email Address
Party Affiliation Nonpartisan
I have served as a Hospital District Trustee for six years and also serve as board member on the Hospital Board. My present Hospital Board positions include Board Secretary, Finance Committee Member, Chair of the Investment Committee and having been the past Treasurer. I am passionate about community service: Past Laramie Chamber President, Past Sunrise Rotary President, Past Board Member at Safe Project, Board Member for Medicine Bow Technologies and retired community banker. I have resided in Laramie for 22 years.
The present management arrangement, whereby the District Board of Trustees oversees and safeguards the hospital’s assets/resources, manages the mill levy and ensures overall quality, works hand in hand with the Hospital Board, which over sees the day to day operations, financial matters and quality care. The District Board has been pleased with this management arrangement, as it has worked extremely well as evidence by the hospital’s performance.
I would not favor diversification of the revenue, of which the majority of this tax revenue now goes to under write charity care for the Residents of Albany County. This is a stable and predictable source of revenue. Any diversification of revenue is not a consideration by the District Board at this time. Charity care is only available to residents of Albany County.
IMH has multiple avenues for public input. The Hospital’s website provides easy accessibility and references Lisa Rambo (Patient Care Advocate), who can be reached by phone (755-4623) or by email. We encourage the public, patients or family/friends to discuss their experiences or provide suggestions for better experiences. Patients that complete their care are provided an independent survey upon leaving the hospital. District Trustees are always open to public comments and/or or suggestions for improvements. There is transparency here with the District Board, as well as the Hospital Board.
Campaign Phone (307) 742-5048
Phone 307-742-5048
Email Address
Party Affiliation Nonpartisan
Born and raised in Laramie, and after earning my Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Wyoming; I partnered with my father, Waldo Roth, as co-owner of Quality IV Care. I have a unique perspective to serve the Albany County Hospital District Board of Trustees as a healthcare professional and business owner in the healthcare industry. Ivinson Memorial Hospital’s ability to provide exceptional care to patients directly correlates to the overall health and success of this community. As a Trustee, I am honored to have the opportunity to help make that happen.
I was appointed as a trustee late last fall to fill a vacancy on the board. This has been my first experience serving the hospital in any capacity. However, from what I have seen so far, the relationships between IMH’s Upper Level Management team, the IMH Hospital Board, and the Albany County Hospital District Board provide great accountability, transparency, and effective management.
At present, I would not favor diversification of the revenue from the three-mill levy for the hospital district. Most of this tax revenue currently underwrites charity care for Albany County residents. This is an incredible use of tax revenue that directly & positively impacts our community. In the future, if the need for charity care were to shift, I would be open to diversification options.
Patients of IMH are provided a survey upon discharge that openly addresses the patient’s hospital experience. The results of these surveys are reviewed by a team that works continuously to meet or exceed national standards for patient care. The survey results are also presented to the hospital board and district board. As a District Trustee, I would encourage the public to utilize the hospital’s website to provide feedback, reach out to the hospital board and district board members directly, via public comment, and provide honest input regarding hospital experience surveys.
Mailing Address PO Box 91
Laramie, WY 82073
Campaign Phone (307) 760-8777
Phone 307-760-8777
Email Address
Party Affiliation Nonpartisan
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