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Albany County Clerk of District Court

This election is to finish out the term of the elected clerk who resigned. The term is normally four years. Salary is $85,000 per year plus benefits

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    Jennifer Hanft

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    Stacy Lam

Biographical Information

Biographical Information

What benefits, drawbacks or disadvantages do you expect from electronic filing in lower Wyoming courts when it is put into place?

What assistance can the Clerk of District Court provide to “pro se” litigants who want to represent themselves in court without an attorney?

What access does the public have to records of past cases in the 2nd Judicial District, including Albany County? Please explain.

Mailing Address 104 S Pine
Laramie, WY 82070
Party Affiliation Democrat
As a proud graduate of UW Law School, I have been practicing law in Laramie for over 20 years. Litigating in areas like family law, small business, consumer protection, etc., has given me broad exposure to the Court system. I have also volunteered with Laramie non-profits like Safe Project, WEC & CLIMB. Known as the West Side Attorney for championing cases for Laramie’s average folk & working poor earned me the WY State Bar’s 2012 Pro Bono Award. I’m currently appointed as an Equal Justice Wyoming Board Member by the WY Supreme Court to fight for access to justice for all.
Most people now access the internet through their phones or at the public library. Currently, our Clerk’s office will not accept credit card payments & without access to a computer terminal, printer, scanner and email address, you cannot file electronically. The Clerk’s office must address these significant barriers to electronic filing, especially for those without an attorney. I am committed to establishing easier access to the Court system through cell phones, and creating an on-site kiosk with the necessary technology to allow folks to research & file their own cases, with some privacy.
While the District Court Clerk’s office cannot provide legal advice to pro se litigants (meaning those without an attorney), it needs to do more to help connect Albany County residents with the many free legal programs and resources available, like, and the useful legal forms and resources accessible through the Wyoming Supreme Court website. Being kind and helpful, and making sure that our residents are aware of, and have computer access to, all of the available legal resources and pro se programs are the best ways the Clerk’s office may assist pro se litigants.
Currently, anyone seeking access to public records through the Clerk’s office must go to the Courthouse & use the one public research terminal at the Clerk’s office counter – no privacy or chair provided. Email and electronic copies of the records are not regularly available. This leads to a steep cost of $1 plus .50 cents for each page after the first. Exact change required – or a personal check only. Amazingly, in the 21st Century, the Clerk’s office doesn’t accept electronic debit/credit payments. I will seek to bring the Clerk’s office payment and research systems into the modern era.
Campaign Phone (307) 399-1355
Facebook Stacy Lam for Clerk of District Court
Street Address 1819 Pinnacle Ct Laramie, WY 82070
Phone 307-399-1355
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Party Affiliation Republican
I am the current Clerk of District Court having dedicated 29 years of service to this office working from an entry level position to my current job as the Clerk. My knowledge and experience “on the job” for the past 3 decades makes me the ONLY qualified candidate to fill this position. I am currently serving on the Supreme Court committee to implement our newest case management system and am excited for the improvements this system will provide.
Due to COVID related changes to the courts, electronic filing has recently been allowed.The benefits come with ease of filing documents without having to appear in person and same day filing for out of town litigants. The challenges come from implementing E-filing with a case management system not designed to integrate such filings. Until the new case management system is complete, E-filing will have to come through the court’s normal email system which brings its own set of challenges. E-filing will create added work for clerks in monitoring, printing and tracking of email filings.
Litigants have the right to represent themselves in court proceedings. The clerk canprovide forms for various civil case types, can advise litigants on how to file paperwork with the court and the costs associated with filing. The clerk CAN NOT advise litigants on what they need to say within their filings, whether to file a certain document or what the Judge might decide in their situation. Per statute, clerks are expressly prohibited from giving legal advice. Albany County is fortunate to have a number of resources to refer litigants to for assistance with their legal questions.
The public can access records before the 2nd Judicial District as long as they are not confidential in nature. Record indexes in Albany County date back to the early 1900’s.My office maintains physical files for approximately 10 years at which time they are sent to the State Archives for permanent storage. My office has a free public access terminal for searching records. The Clerk also accepts record checks by mail for a $10 per name search fee. Once the new case management system is fully operational, the courts plan to implement an online access portal for searching public records.