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US House, District 8

Massachusetts has nine representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives. Each district, representing approximately 710,000 individuals, elects a representative to the House for a two-year term. Representatives are also called congressmen/congresswomen. The base salary for a member of Congress is $174,000.

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    Jonathan D. Lott

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    Stephen F. Lynch

Biographical Information

What are the top two priorities for your constituents? How do you determine what the most important issues are for your constituents?

What specific steps do you plan to take to lower medical costs, improve outcomes, and strengthen access to quality medical care for all Americans? How would this be funded?

What would be your two top budget priorities as a member of Congress and why?

How can you, as a member of Congress, help guarantee full access to voting for all voting-age citizens?

What legislation would you propose to end systemic racism?

Campaign Phone (781) 223-2447
Twitter @MrJonLott
Campaign Email
My top priority is preventing the collapse of civilization as we know it. We humans are consuming and polluting so much that earth itself is losing the ability to sustain us—wildfires, drought, deforestation, ocean acidification, desertification, rising sea levels, global warming, and the downstream effects of climate, including but not limited to mass migration, civil war, global conflicts, and potentially nuclear war.

My second priority is getting single-payer healthcare during this pandemic!
If elected, I will co-sponsor Medicare-for-All legislation, and work to expand the coalition of congresspeople willing to vote for it. If the Democrats take the Presidency and Senate, we may see a vote on this much-needed healthcare reform. Medicare-for-All, sometimes known as single-payer, will empower the federal government to negotiate drug prices and save us money. It will cut through the corporate bloat of a massive network of insurance companies. Read more on my website,!
Preventing collapse is my #1 priority. We must expand clean energy credits, plant billions of trees, fund sea walls and other methods to insulate ourselves from future storms, build infrastructure, and defend America’s foreign interests. This is a matter of national security.

Another fiscal priority is repairing our sinking economy—but we cannot fix the economy until we deal with COVID-19. We must develop a quality vaccine as soon as possible and make it available to everyone. Visit my website!
The good news is that we already have easy mail-in, absentee, and in-person voting—our access to vote is fine in Massachusetts. For other states whose residents may have difficulty voting (because elections are run by the states), the solutions for their voting problems are electing new state officials to correct their election procedures or policy.

I do support making Election Day a national holiday. I don’t support extending the right to vote to people younger than 18 or to non-citizens.
We all must stand against racism and discrimination when we encounter it anywhere.

Medicare-for-All is an anti-racist policy. The Green New Deal is an anti-racist bill. Implementing these transformational social policies will help disadvantaged communities.

I will add that there are already many anti-discrimination laws in effect that many people seem unaware of. If you feel like you’re being discriminated against, take them to court! If you have a solid case, you might win a lot of money.
Mailing Address 55 G St.
Boston, MA 02127
Campaign Phone (617) 453-8683
Twitter @RepLynch
Campaign Email
My priorities are keeping people safe & healthy during the pandemic & getting help to families, small businesses & local organizations. People are grappling with food & housing insecurity and unemployment. I’m fighting to extend unemployment benefits, rental assistance, funding for health providers & money directly to families. I determine what matters most by listening to my constituents. I take pride in being present & accessible to the people of my district. Read more:
We need to fulfill the promise of the ACA & make healthcare truly affordable. That includes a public option to help drive down costs & force insurance companies to compete. Most of all it gives everyone the option- the choice to sign up for a public plan or keep the insurance they have. I’m continuing to fight for the necessary changes that move us toward the promise of the original ACA to provide affordable, accessible quality healthcare to everyone. Read more:
The HEROES Act: This protects Americans from the health impact of coronavirus and fast tracks vaccine R&D. It helps people, local businesses, state & local economies withstand the economic impact of this crisis. The Transportation Bill: I’ve had a significant role in the Moving America Forward Act & the Water Resources Development Act. These bills will provide several trillion dollars for rebuilding infrastructure, bridges & public transportation & resiliency. Read more:
I’ll continue the work I’ve done with Reps. Clyburn & Lewis on the Voting Rights Enhancement Act, which focuses on areas where discrimination has occurred in the past. We also need to expand vote by mail and early voting- giving more people the opportunity to vote; allow service members and citizens living overseas to cast ballots by email, fax or regular mail; and ensure the integrity of our voting systems- all initiatives I am currently working on in Congress. Read more:
We have work to do. Systematic racism is woven into so many issues: voting, healthcare, criminal justice, pay equity, housing. After participating in protests & vigils, listening to young people, constituents, local officials, & the law enforcement community, I returned to DC, stood with Reps. Lewis, Waters, and my friends from the Congressional Black Caucus as an original co-sponsor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act which is a first step forward. Read More: