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What is the most important challenge facing our country and how do you propose to address it?

What should the federal government do to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

What steps will you take to reform current immigration policies?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our country?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

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Ultimately, the damage we have done to the climate is most important. To face that and other problems, we must address the imbalance between corporations and citizens - this is why our government is unresponsive to the needs of people. The divisions we face are a feature of this disfunction; division serves the needs of unscrupulous corporations and individuals.

We get the government we pay for, right now we have a government that is elected by corporate contributions. I take no corporate PAC money.

In order to move forward, I have helped to create "The Contract for Rural and Working America" -

Addressing Rural and Working America's problems will benefit all Americans.
I support a National Child Care and Pre-School system, similar to what President Nixon could have signed into law in the 60's. I also support doing what other nations have done; making universities and trade schools free or very inexpensive. This is an investment in our Nation's future. I believe we should forgive all student debt and remove predatory lenders from education. According to a study done by Bard College, this would provide a boost to the economy, as those with inescapable student debt can't buy cars or houses or start their own business.

To help fund this, I support national service for young people out of high school: serve for 2 years and get an education. This could include military service.
America must have secure borders, including sea and airports. Immigration goals and numbers will vary over time, and must be balanced against the needs of American workers, businesses, and the security needs of the Nation.

We must clean up our border policies: no more separation of children from families, no more denying political asylum.

Corporations who use illegal hiring must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as well as the officers of those corporations. This will be much more effective than chasing thousands of undocumented workers.

I support an amnesty (like President Regan's) for undocumented workers here in America since July 4th, 2018. This would include a path to citizenship for those that qualify.
Social, racial and economic inequality are part of virtually every problem we face in America. Addressing economic inequality will give direct results and chip away at social and racial inequality. Higher wages for those who work, fixing health care, providing public child care and pre-school will benefit those who need it most. I support "Trickle Up"; it's time to water the roots of our national tree.

Voting must be made easier, I support a national holiday for elections, same day registration, open primaries.

Systemic discrimination must be cleaned out, piece by piece. I support legalization of cannabis, partly because it is an instrument of systemic racism - people of color are much more likely to be punished for cannabis infractions.
Our goals for health care should be: significantly lower expense (40 %), to honestly cover everyone (we cover everyone now but very inefficiently), to make health care easier to use (no more call to your insurance company while your loved one is ill) and better results (longer life expectancy, lower rates of disease and infant mortality). I suspect it will take a modern single-payer system to achieve these goals, but I am happy to consider other options. I'm a progressive and I think progressives are the new middle, but my ideology is a guide, not a goal. If conservative ideas can help meet these goals it's fine with me.

For the record, "access" is a weasel word - we don't need access to health care, we need health care. It's that simple.
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The abuse of government power fuels the hyper-partisanship that is tearing our country apart. Government solutions have unintended consequences, such as low-quality, high-cost education and healthcare, broken communities, increased border violence, and needless loss of life. As our society doubles down on government being the solution to the problems it has caused, hyper-partisanship will continue to grow.

As a congressman, I would work to eliminate or restrict harmful federal agencies. I would work with others to limit executive powers to those enumerated in the constitution. I would be quick to hold presidents accountable when they abuse their power.
Education is too important to be left in the hands of centralized bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are removed from the diversity of student's talents and interests and the variety of opportunities that will be found in their communities. Thus, education should not be standardized. One size does not fit all. The solution for effective education of all of our children is choice.

I would support local community control of education and encourage communities to provide vouchers and alternative schools. Education is a local issue, not to be tampered with by the federal government. I would vote to terminate the federal Department of Education.
Our existing immigration policies pander to fear of outsiders, fear of competition in the job market, and fear that entitlements will be wasted on lazy foreigners. However, existing policies do nothing to solve these issues. They create border violence, cause millions to live in fear of deportation, and make us less competitive globally.

I would work with other legislators to STOP THAT! Immigration law and border security should protect our citizens from criminals and terrorists. It should not prohibit willing workers from contributing to our economy.
Government policies are the greatest promoters of social and racial injustice. For example the war on drugs has created criminals and violence most effecting underprivileged communities. Occupational licenses rob many of the opportunity to develop themselves through small business ownership. This also disproportionately impacts poorer communities.

As a congressman I would vote to eliminate federal regulation of hemp and cannabis. I would vote against laws that take opportunity away from small business people. I will reject legislation that tilts the playing field in favor of or against anyone.
I will promote a free market approach to health care. Health care services need to grow and improve as the population grows and changes. A stagnant federal bureaucracy does not promote competition, creativity and innovation the way a market driven private enterprise can. Bureaucracies promote compliance and adherence to rules they make up.

I would eliminate monopolies created by the FDA which narrow diversity in the drug supply chain and increase costs in some cases by more than 1100%. I would open up the health insurance industry to interstate competition. I would lift restrictions on competition from drugs deemed safe in other first world countries. I would encourage decoupling health care insurance from employment.