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Utah House District 74

The Utah House of Representatives is comprised of 75 men and women, each representing different areas of the state, elected to two-year terms.

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    Kenzie Carter

  • Lowry Snow

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Utah continues to be one of only 11 states with no limit on the amount of money an individual can contribute to a political campaign, and one of only 5 states with no limits on what a corporation can contribute. Do you favor any limits on donations to political campaigns? Why or why not?

What is the legislature’s role in addressing the homeless problem and assuring affordable housing for the working poor?

Not all school districts are able to provide the same resources for their students. How should we support school districts with lesser ability (primarily because of lower property values) to raise revenue?

The Utah State Constitution reads, in part, "Both male and female citizens of this State shall enjoy equally all civil, political and religious rights and privileges." The Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” Should Utah ratify the ERA which expresses the same view as the Utah Constitution? Explain your position.

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I firmly believe that we need to get money out of politics. Politicians have become beholden to corporations and big money donors because of campaign contributions and voters are no longer represented by their elected officials. The Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United has set us back tremendously and the political climate of intolerance and greed has contributed to the divisiveness we are experiencing today.
The legislature needs to establish and influence the governor's budget and approve budgetary items that are associated with affordable/moderate income housing. We need a systematic approach as to how those funds are released and spent. SB34 introduced the ability to build moderate income housing with state transportation funds. We need to get builders and developers on board with the zoning and construction of high density housing. A monthly home mortgage payment has increased 56% in less than a decade. Wages have remained stagnant. Housing prices have skyrocketed because demand is outpacing supply. The housing market cannot readjust itself at this point and state government will need to step in to regulate it, this can be done with increased wages, zoning and incentives.
We need to look at the reserve account funds in the school budget and allocate those funds to the underfunded schools. As of 2019 we have increased funds in the reserve account but have not disbursed these monies when our public schools continue to suffer from lack of funding. This is a silent disaster. If this money is set aside for an emergency, what constitutes an emergency? We have millions of dollars left in the appropriations account that is set aside for funding education. Why is this money not being spent when we have underfunded schools? Grant availability is an option. Private funding of charter schools and the state funds dedicated to charter schools should be diverted to public schools that are underfunded.
I do not feel the Utah Constitution and the ERA express the same view. When we talk about equal rights for all, equal means equal. We need a federal judicial standard for determining discrimination cases based on sex. Right now, that standard can change from state to state and is an inconsistency that is unacceptable. The ERA will protect against any rollbacks of women's rights that have already been achieved. And it can also allow women to achieve what should already be their rights. We can start with equal pay for equal work. Utah has the largest gender wage gap of any state in the country. Women make 71 cents on the dollar compared to men. Sex discrimination offenders will need to prove they did not act in violation of the Constitution. It will also allow women who are victimized by violence to take their case to federal court, which is something they cannot do at this time. Ratification of the ERA is something that should have taken place decades ago.
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