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What is the most important challenge facing our country and how do you propose to address it?

What should the federal government do to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

What steps will you take to reform current immigration policies?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our country?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

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We are a divided country. Somehow we need to come together. I can't see it happening now, but somehow, sometime, we desperately need to do it. Donald Trump seems to be pouring fuel on the fire, even though it is red-hot now with hate, anger, and bitterness. I fear no matter who is elected president in November the other side will not accept it Many people are calling for a revolution while some are predicting a race war. One of them is coming. Perhaps it will be a mixture of the two, but after November 3 I fear that all hell is going to break loose in America. I hope and pray I am wrong.
I don't know if we can have a quality public education. I believe we have one or the other. It would be nice if we could work that out, but it will take a literal act of Congress to do it. Teachers need to be paid more, and we need to stop expecting all schools and all students to be the same. The states should be allowed to decide what their schools require, and the states should give a say to the county and city school boards.
I will attempt to pass legislation to ensure all those who apply for asylum are given an opportunity to state their case. I will also do my best to get the immigrants out of cages that Trump has put in lock-down.
I will address the systemic racism that is so rampant in America. We need to admit it is real. Then, we need to pass laws that ensure all minorities are treated as well as white folks. Most of all, the cops need to stop killing black folks for no reason.
I believe every American should have free healthcare from the cradle to the grave. I will fight for that until it becomes a reality.
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Growing income inequality and millions of Americans facing financial insecurity is not only a challenge, but shows we are not living up to our promise as a nation. Widening divides between those able to afford housing, healthcare, and education and those who cannot threatens not only the stability of our society but the very foundations of our democracy. In order to address this deepening inequality, I support instituting the Freedom Dividend, which would provide every American adult with $1000/mo. Additionally, I support expanding access to Medicaid to ensure universal health coverage to all Americans and improving our educational system so Americans have equitable choices in employment when entering the workforce.
We need to fully fund our public schools and provide pay raises and competitive salaries for our teachers to attract the best and brightest to our classrooms. We also need to take strong measures to make schools more equitable, from ensuring balanced districting to finding other modes of funding schools, rather than relying on local property taxes. I also support moving away from standardized testing and towards individualized lesson planning; no two children are alike but our educational system is one size fits all. Our children deserve to learn in ways that match their unique needs and learning styles, and prepare them for life after high school, whether they wish to enter a four year college, two year college, or vocational program.
I will advocate for legislation to create a streamlined and manageable path to citizenship for both documented and undocumented immigrants, as this has significant benefits to our country and economy. Immigrants expand our economy by serving in our workforce, paying taxes, and contributing to our communities. Returning to accepting and resettling refugees at traditional levels, also provides significant benefits to the economy, as they contribute billions of dollars to the economy each year through consumer spending and business startups. In my district, we benefit from the migrant guest worker program in our agricultural sector, and our farmers would not be viable without this program.
America cannot live up to its promise as long as there is systemic injustice on our soil. The healthcare, immigration, education, and financial security discussed here, will work to promote social and racial justice if adopted. But they are not enough. In addition to those policy areas, we need to institute reforms in our criminal justice system. Reinstating voting rights for the incarcerated, promoting bail reforms, decriminalizing marijuana, restructuring law enforcement, and ensuring robust community programs and social services are all measures that promote social and racial justice. These efforts cannot be adopted piecemeal but must be instituted together in an effort to create a paradigm shift in how we view justice in America.
Americans depend on their health and access to care for their financial security, physical well-being, and emotional stability and happiness. I support expanding Medicaid income thresholds to cover those who don't quality, as well as including those who are pursuing start-ups, in the gig economy, or working as caregivers, while also preserving the right to private health insurance. I advocate for ensuring accessible, affordable, and quality mental health care and addiction treatment services and will support whatever legislation I can to further those goals. Lastly, we can lower the costs of prescription drugs, medical test, procedures and equipment, and support the expansion of broadband into rural areas to provide access to telehealth.