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State House District 71

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  • Ian Root

  • Kenneth M. Walsh

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What are the most important challenges facing our state and how do you propose to address them?

Which solutions to climate change do you think are most important and most feasible for Montana?

What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women, especially women in minority populations, in our state?

What should state government do, if anything, to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

What should our state do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

Campaign Phone (406) 682-3151
The biggest challenge facing Montana is the threat to democracy posed by the mobster Trump and his gang. He is a murderer for the way he handled the coronavirus killing thousands of people unnecessarily. He is a traitor due to his gang's cooperation with the Russians to affect the 2016 election and the 2020 election. We need to vote him out resoundingly so even his strongest supporters will get the message that the people of this state don't want him in power any longer. He deserves to be in jail.
I would stop using fossil fuels to generate electricity. Montana has great wind and sun resources that have not been tapped yet. They have been wasted for years while fossil fuels have been polluting the air.
I would force employers to pay women the same as men for the same job. I would raise the minimum wage drastically to get to a living wage. I would force companies to provide sick days so that people didn't have to choose between going to work sick or not getting paid. I would subsidize child care so that working families can keep the money they earn without having to pay for child care.
I would spend more state money on public education to provide more teachers, better teacher salaries and better facilities. I would force school busses to have seat belts for the students. I would pay for free public college education for all students to cut down on student debt.
I would try to pass universal health care for everyone in Montana. Health care is a human right and should not be tied to ability to pay. I would improve the whole health care system by having the providers work for the state thereby giving equal care to all persons regardless of immigration status.
Campaign Phone (406) 596-0418
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