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    Jennifer Allen

  • Mark Noland

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What are the most important challenges facing our state and how do you propose to address them?

Which solutions to climate change do you think are most important and most feasible for Montana?

What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women, especially women in minority populations, in our state?

What should state government do, if anything, to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

What should our state do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

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When I asked my potential constituents what was the most important challenges we face, I got a different answer from every single person. The common theme was the pandemic has made every important issue even more of a crisis and less predictable. We need to elect legislators who are hard working, nimble, data-driven, and can work in a team. We need to elect legislators that can listen to the experts and mold their guidance into what will work for our state. I personally want to work to maintain our Medicaid Expansion and healthcare coverage for all Montanans. I want to work to support solid unemployment coverage. I want to work to support food security and shelter security. We cannot put critical needs on the chopping block.
Climate change poses a real threat to our public lands, our farmers and ranchers, and our outdoor industries. I support the Montana Climate Solutions Plan. I agree that Montana should offer subsidies for clean energy creation. I support ending tax breaks and subsidies for coal, oil and gas production and will work to modernize our taxation system that has been dependent on these resources. I support developing the infrastructure for non fossil fuel dependent transportation. I believe in supporting our workers in their transition to non fossil fuel dependent employment. I believe we must act powerfully to prepare or we will be unprepared for this next big crisis.
To address inequalities facing women, we need to specifically help them be an equal participant in our society. This includes increasing access to free birth control, sexual education that is not abstinence based, access to abortion if that is their choice, and assistance with easy access to non taxed menstrual products. We need universal access to quality pre-natal care to reduce infant and maternal mortality. I support paid maternity and paternity leave and extensive family leave policies. We need pay parity - the pandemic is already showing women losing ground in the work force due to lack of employment parity. For women, and especially minority women, we still need "priority hire" and "priority education" programs.
One of the state government's most active role should be to help provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12, as well as for higher education. As a state legislator, I will focus on maintaining and enhancing revenue sources for Montana's general and other funds, so we can maintain and build decent living wages, pensions, and safe working conditions for all of our public employees. Montana’s percentage share of total education funding has dropped significantly over the years and this needs to be corrected. I strongly oppose privatization of public schools or any public organizations that have our children or citizens placed in their care and control.
We must maintain the Medicaid expansion that has been so beneficial to our community members and prevent it from being overloaded with eligibility requirements that only take away money from direct care. I believe, over the long term, we will need to move to a nonprofit and non-insurance based system of care - the pandemic shows the health of one is the health of us all. Strong support for community based systems like the Community Health Centers and our state employee clinics are ways to move in this direction. Strong state regulation of pharmaceutical companies are another. Supporting Federal - level solutions like dropping the age for Medicare eligibility is yet another. Complicated job - must be done.
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