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TN State House District 18

Under the Tennessee Constitution, legislative authority of the State is vested in the General Assembly, which consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives, both dependent on the people (that is, popularly elected). The name of the legislative authority may vary from state to state, but usually it is called the Legislature or the General Assembly. The official title in our state is the "General Assembly of the State of Tennessee," but may also be properly referred to as the Legislature. The House of Representatives is composed of 99 members who are elected to two-year terms of office. They are elected by the voters of their House legislative district. A representative must be a citizen of the United States, at least 21 years old, a citizen of Tennessee for at least three years and a resident of the county he represents for at least one year before the election.

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    Virginia Couch

  • Eddie Mannis

Biographical Information

In your view, what are the 3 biggest issues facing Tennessee?

What, if anything, do you think the state of Tennessee should do to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Why are you running?

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How to adequately fund public education and improve student outcome; how to improve the health of everyone living in Tennessee; and how to reduce barriers to economic growth for both individuals and small businesses.
Our leaders must work together to develop a consistent message, based on scientific data, that provides businesses and citizens with guidance on how to minimize risk of exposure and spread. We need proper testing with timely results. We must provide financial assistance through grants and loans to businesses who have suffered severe losses due to closings, loss of customer traffic, etc. We must provide extended unemployment benefits to those who are unable to find adequate and proper employment.
I’m running because I wanted a representative who would fight for everyone in my district (and across the state) to have 3 basic opportunities: • an opportunity to receive a good public education • an opportunity to be healthy • and opportunities for economic growth that will lead to financial security I don’t think of these as Democrat or Republican issues. I think everyone can support efforts to make it possible for everyone to have these opportunities.
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