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Tulsa City Council District 5

The local laws of Tulsa (called city ordinances) are passed by the Council, which is the legislative body. The Council, through ordinances and resolutions, provides for licenses, permits, and certificates which are issued by city departments and agencies. Appeals of such actions are subject to review by the Council. The Council approves the mayor's budget, and has the power to conduct investigations and hearings concerning the conduct of city government.All city councilors elected will serve two-year terms and are elected by the resident voters in each of nine geographic city council districts. Voters living in City Council District 5 in the City of Tulsa will vote for one of five candidates on August 25, 2020.

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    Mykey Arthrell

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    Cass Fahler

Biographical Information

What experience, insights and abilities will you bring to the City Council that make you especially qualified for the position?

What are your top priorities for your constituent area?

How do you plan to involve citizens in the decision-making process?

What would you do as a City Council member to positively impact efforts to attract new employers and retain those we currently have?

Do you believe the mask mandate is helpful? Please expand on why or why not.

Are you planning to accept/have accepted campaign contributions from the Fraternal Order of Police, and if so, why?

Campaign Address 1747 S ERIE PL
Campaign Phone (918) 508-3816
Professional Experience Mykey has 17 years’ experience working for his community as a trainer, hotline worker at a crisis clinic, an advocate at a domestic violence shelter and outreach specialist at the Austin Health Department before moving back to Tulsa. In the 7 years since he has worked with Tulsa’s homeless and run a children’s shelter while starting a commercial screen printing and coffee roasting business. Mykey currently is an Education Specialist for Urban Strategies Inc. in Tulsa working with Tulsa Public Schools and Tulsa Housing Authority to ensure families are stable and thriving during the redevelopment of the westside.
Education Booker.T.Washington Class of 2003 The Evergreen State College B.A. Majored in Early Childhood Education
Volunteer Service Children Justice Act (CJA) Board member Our Whole Lives(OWL) Trainer at All Souls Unitarian Church
Working for Urban Strategies Inc., I am on the human side of neighborhood development on the west side. As such, I am a problem solver who will do what it takes to make things right for the residents of Tulsa.

I have experience working directly with and organizing communities to push for change and find solutions through effective partnerships. For example: I have regularly had to strategize with Tulsa Police as a shelter coordinator to find positive outcomes for our youth who feel out of options; and I work with Tulsa Public Schools to find transportation and enrollment solutions for families that have limited access to resources.

Through my work and years of volunteer service, I have developed relationships with services and government officials across the state that can help bring sustainable change to our District.
The residents I’ve spoken to all tell me the same basic thing: they want a safer and more prosperous District 5. It is hard to do that when out-of-state property owners refuse to invest in their properties, which drags down property values for everyone.

In order to attract the kinds of people and businesses who will invest in our community, we need to organize people in a way that will support them. Businesses and neighborhoods need to work together to get responsible investors interested in District 5.

I propose creating active Residential and Commerce Groups that will spotlight opportunities in our neighborhood shopping centers, and focus resources on desperately needed updates in apartment complexes across the district. Everyone in the district deserves homes they can be proud of, infrastructure they can depend on, and quality jobs that will support their families.
I will restart the monthly District 5 Town Halls as soon as we can find a safe way to do it. Furthermore I will create a network of block captains to facilitate communications in the neighborhood to foster a sense of community and two-way channels of communication so that people can stay up-to-date on events in each other’s lives. Lastly, I will actively work to organize neighborhood associations and businesses into Residential and Commerce Groups that will work to address the community's concerns with code enforcement, safety, and improvements in the community.
I will work with local organizations to apply for grants that will help us revitalize housing complexes and strip malls. If we can invest in beautifying our district, we will attract investors and residents to move here and our community will prosper. With some of our staple businesses—tenants at Promenade, Sears and Super Saver Cinema—having gone out of business, there is a commerce hole that desperately needs to be filled. The Legacy Plaza is a great example of how we can fill them. Internet proof businesses that provide a service to our community and fill the vacant buildings of District 5.
Like every community across America, our city is struggling its way through the COVID-19 crisis and we need to take direct action to prevent it from doing further damage. City government wouldn’t be doing its job if it didn’t identify best practices to protect the community and act decisively to implement them.

I support those on the council who had the integrity and courage to try to protect the community, rather than worrying about the political backlash of their vote. Councilors were elected to make hard decisions based on the best information available to them. After all, what is the point of spending money on a health department filled with talented, highly trained, expert advisers if we’re not going to follow, or even bother to understand, their advice when it matters?
I have not. But I think it is important to note that the FOP, like all unions, does not necessarily speak for all of its members. While I have not courted the endorsement of the police union, I have the support of many individual officers who actually live and work in District 5. I feel it is important for the City Council to represent all of its citizens, rather than being beholden to big-money organizations that may be pushing national agendas, rather than advocating for what the residents of District 5 actually need and want.
Campaign Address 7383 E 24th St
Tulsa OK 74129
Campaign Phone (918) 280-1400
Professional Experience 21 yr residential home lender
Education Dale Carnegie Rhema Bible College Southwestern Christian University
Volunteer Service Life.Church Oklahoma Mental Health Assoc John 3:16 Mission
The past two years as Tulsa City Councilor have provided me solid foundation upon which to continue the growth and success in District 5.

Previously, I have served for 4 years upon City of Tulsa's Sales Tax Overview Committee, which founded me in the financial operations of the city, and its intricate budget process.

Lastly, my 20+ years of business acumen and being raised in a small-business household gives me a firm footing on what makes Tulsa thrive....our local businesses.
1. Homelessness, social services, opportunity and enforcement

2. Crime, crime reduction, safer streets, safer neighborhoods

3. Infill, continuing to bring businesses back to District 5, retail development, incentives for current and future business operators

4. Beautification, parks enhancement, city funds for development focused in District 5 including street packages
Continuation of Neighborhood Association meetings, which are most effective in the communication of engaged residents.

Continuation of Town Hall meetings, coffee meetings, office hours and virtual meetings.
This is already underway.

Have established lines of communication with commercial real estate developers and commercial real estate attorneys, inviting businesses to obtain Tulsa's economic incentives for infill and expansion.

This work in progress can be found at 46th & Sheridan, 23rd & Sheridan, 21st & Mingo, 18th & Sheridan, 8500 E Skelly Dr, Remington Tower....just to name a few!
I do not believe the mask mandate is helpful.

1. a majority of constituents wanted a no vote against it 2. it places further burden upon the Tulsa Police Department, placing officers in a no-win situation 3. the economic viability of our city solely depends upon sales tax revenue, and this measure drives people to areas that don't have mask requirements. i.e. Jenks, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Glenpool, etc. 4. too much ambiguity in the data. 04/2020, Dr. Dart stated Tulsa would have 176k cases and 2k deaths by 08/2020. Today being 08/01/2020, Tulsa now has 8,700 cases and 98 deaths. At these current levels, you have a 1.34% chance of getting covid....nearly the same chance of being killed by lightning.

I wholeheartedly believe in representing and protecting the profession of Law Enforcement.

I graciously accept the officer's contributions via their union to help me connect and serve the residents of District 5.

But keep this in mind, whether their union supports me or not, UNEQUIVOCALLY, I will stand tall for those brave heroes in blue, the men and women of the Tulsa Police Department!