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Each state has two senators in the U.S. Senate. Senators are elected for staggered six year terms. The base salary for Senators is $174,000.

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    Edward J. Markey

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    Kevin J. O'Connor

Biographical Information

What should be the Senate’s top two priorities over the next six years? Describe how you could lead on one of these priorities?

The government has provided several stimulus packages to address the economic downturn during the pandemic. What further steps do you support to rebuild the economy?

How can you, as a member of the Senate, help guarantee full access to voting for all voting-age citizens?

What specific steps do you plan to take to lower medical costs, improve outcomes, and strengthen access to quality medical care for all Americans? How would this be funded?

What should the Senate do to address climate change? How would these programs be funded?

Campaign Phone (617) 286-4147
Twitter @EdMarkey
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We are at a turning point in American politics. A global pandemic, unprecedented economic uncertainty, and four years of disastrous presidential leadership has made us desperate for strong progressive leadership. On day one of the 117th Congress, we need to work with President Biden to ensure Medicare for All and the Green New Deal are signed into law, so that we have the equitable country we need. I will be the Senate’s strong progressive leader our country needs in this Rooseveltian moment.
As we look beyond relief to recovery, we have a blueprint for how we rebuild from this crisis. It’s called the Green New Deal. We have the power to transform our economy and democracy and combat the climate crisis at the same time. The Green New Deal has the power to save our planet, address historic inequities, and create millions of new jobs that will help rebuild a stronger, safer, more just economy – after the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.
It is more essential than ever that every American is able to participate fairly and freely in our elections. I have fought in Washington to ensure Americans are still able to vote safely by expanding early in-person voting and no-excuse absentee vote-by-mail to all states. I also worked to introduce legislation that would allow voters who did not receive an absentee ballot, to use a printable ballot, currently only provided for military and overseas voters.

We need Medicare for All. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright light on the gaping inequities and deadly holes in our for-profit healthcare system. We need Medicare for All to provide comprehensive health insurance to every person across our country. Not one person should be a medical bill away from bankruptcy. Medicare for All would give each and every American access to quality, low-cost medical care. As we’ve seen from the coronavirus crisis, we cannot afford to not fund Medicare for All.
The climate crisis is THE economic, national security, health, and moral issue of our time. That is why I partnered with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Green New Deal resolution to guarantee economic and social justice for our country. It is also how we recover from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. The Green New Deal will create millions of good-paying union jobs.
The Senate’s top two priorities should be restoring the economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and fixing the enormous mess that is our national immigration policy. As a business owner myself, I have a well-developed understanding of the challenges faced by people engaged in building and sustaining our economy. The incumbent lacks experience in the private sector. I am the candidate with practical knowledge, and I will provide leadership toward a renewed and robust economy.
Recovery loans and aid packages were a tremendous help to those devastated by the economic crisis that came along with the pandemic shut down. The structure of aid payments, however, meant that many people received more in unemployment benefits than they would have received in wages. The approach made rebuilding a challenge to businesses, as folks were rewarded for inactivity. As Senator, I’ll work toward policies that reward work and encourage investment.
I’ve already made a mark on fairer elections in our state. Back in April, I filed a lawsuit to make the signature requirement for ballot status more flexible, given the Safer-at-Home policy. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court agreed with me, and instructed the Secretary of State to accept electronic signatures during the crisis. I’ll bring that same relentless commitment to fairness to all issues of ballot access, including guaranteeing full access to voting for all voting-age citizens.
Every American deserves access to affordable health insurance. Socialized medicine, however, will increase costs and reduce the quality of care. My opponent's plan eliminates private insurance, increases the federal budget by 60%, and costs taxpayers $32 trillion. I favor transparency in pricing for all health care providers, eliminating middle men who don’t add value. And I support including mental health care and wellness benefits.
Clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet are crucial to our families. Federal policy must protect our natural resources.

International agreements can be an important part of a clean earth strategy, but such agreements must not disadvantage our country in world trade. The Green New Deal is not an environmental plan, it is a socialist economic vision. We need to employ broader, more creative thinking toward environmental policy to promote private sector innovation and investment.