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US House, District 6

Massachusetts has nine representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives. Each district, representing approximately 710,000 individuals, elects a representative to the House for a two-year term. Representatives are also called congressmen/congresswomen. The base salary for a member of Congress is $174,000.

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    Matthew Mixon

  • John Paul Moran

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    Seth Moulton

Biographical Information

What are the top two priorities for your constituents? How do you determine what the most important issues are for your constituents?

What specific steps do you plan to take to lower medical costs, improve outcomes, and strengthen access to quality medical care for all Americans? How would this be funded?

What would be your two top budget priorities as a member of Congress and why?

How can you, as a member of Congress, help guarantee full access to voting for all voting-age citizens?

What legislation would you propose to end systemic racism?

My top two priorities would be to decriminalize nature and to uphold the constitutional rights of every citizen in this country. I determined that these are the most important issues by observing and analyzing the world around me for many years. The only role the government should have in people's lives is to protect the rights guaranteed to us all by the constitution. Any and all violations of constitutional rights and human rights must be taken seriously, investigated, and addressed properly.
I would make a serious request to healthcare providers, insurance companies, hospitals, and drug companies to ask what can be done to lower the cost of medical care. I would also propose a universal system of prices for procedures done in hospitals since the amounts for services can vary widely from one hospital to another. There should be incentives for healthcare providers that offer reduced/free services to those in need. As a society, we need to care for and protect our vulnerable members.
My top two budget priorities would be environment/energy and transportation/infrastructure. For too long now our government has neglected to invest more in both these areas. More needs to be done to protect the remaining wilderness in our state and invest in renewable sources of energy so that our society can be more sustainable. More also needs to be done to improve our quality of life, like building sidewalks, bike lanes and parks and setting some places of nature aside as conservation areas.
I would focus on outreach and education programs. It's vital to educate future generations about what age they can vote at, how they can register, and the ways they can vote. It's crucial for everyone to know they have a right to vote regardless of any condition that they have and that help to vote is available if they need it. I would support outreach programs that let citizens know that they can vote by mail or in person and provide transportation to polling locations for those who need it.
I would focus on education. Children need to be taught that they should treat everyone equally, and with respect, and that you should never judge someone based on their skin color. We also need to teach empathy and compassion from a young age to instill these values. I would also focus on funding community programs. Children get a broader perspective of life with a larger network of friends. Community leaders must be listened to and supported so they can unite people and stand against hatred.
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Campaign Phone (978) 248-8332
Twitter @sethmoulton
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1) Fighting for an America that lives up to our founding principles, which encompasses criminal justice reform, reversing the trend of income inequality, and actively repairing our history of systemic racial injustice. 2) Making sure Massachusetts leads the nation on issues like transportation—building regional and high-speed rail—infrastructure, and climate change.

I support healthcare for all: Healthcare is a basic human right and everyone deserves access. That’s why I support President Obama’s original plan to make private health insurance work better alongside a public option. Competition is the cornerstone to Americans getting lower premiums, lower drug prices and great care. If the public option ends up being better than the private healthcare plan, so be it, but I don’t agree on forcing everyone onto a government healthcare plan that many don’t want.
1) Combat the pandemic and get our economy back on track. Spend on testing, treatment and vaccines. Extend relief to unemployed, small businesses, nonprofits and state and local governments. Invest in 21st century infrastructure, combatting climate change and stimulating our recovery. 2) Address the solvency of our social safety net, which includes addressing the national debt. Protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare by putting our nation on a sustainable fiscal trajectory.
I am an advocate for a new Voting Rights Act—the John Lewis Voting Rights Act—that includes: automatic voter registration nationwide, abolishing the electoral college, statehood for Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. election day being designated a national holiday, restoring voting rights to felons who have paid their debt to society, an end to gerrymandering, an end to voter suppression, paid time off for all Americans to vote, and nationwide rank choice voting.
I signed on to HR40, which would establish a reparations committee, long before the racial justice protests of 2020. It’s past time to bring that up for a vote. I am an original co-sponsor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

We must have a comprehensive plan to desegregate our communities. Zoning reform, increasing federal housing assistance, and improving transit in Massachusetts and the nation will go a long way to address this social ill.