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US House, District 4

Massachusetts has nine representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives. Each district, representing approximately 710,000 individuals, elects a representative to the House for a two-year term. Representatives are also called congressmen/congresswomen. The base salary for a member of Congress is $174,000.

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    Jake Auchincloss

  • Julie A. Hall

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What are the top two priorities for your constituents? How do you determine what the most important issues are for your constituents?

What specific steps do you plan to take to lower medical costs, improve outcomes, and strengthen access to quality medical care for all Americans? How would this be funded?

What would be your two top budget priorities as a member of Congress and why?

How can you, as a member of Congress, help guarantee full access to voting for all voting-age citizens?

What legislation would you propose to end systemic racism?

COVID relief and recovery is our priority. The incompetence and corruption of the Trump administration has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and cratered our economy. We must support families and small businesses, prevent cuts to education, and expand and improve healthcare. I determine issues of importance through research and reading, canvassing expert opinions, and listening to constituents. From them, I’ve heard just how important it is for their representative to deliver real results.
A pandemic is precisely the time to ensure that healthcare is finally affordable & accessible to every American. My approach to healthcare is guided by these principles: Healthcare is a human right, not a job perk. Individuals must have control over their own reproductive decisions. We must support research that is crucial in curing disease and drives our economy here in Massachusetts.

In Congress, I will work to strengthen Obamacare, lower drug prices, and protect & expand reproductive rights.
1. Prevent education cuts. In Congress, I will work to bolster schools across the Massachusetts Fourth with federal funding, fight against Republican cuts to federal education aid, and champion early education.

2. Stop spending money on forever wars, and start reinvesting here at home. As a Marine platoon commander in Afghanistan, I was on the front lines of a war that didn’t need to be fought. We must end reckless wars abroad and instead invest in education, healthcare, and infrastructure.
Voter suppression of minority communities is the most consistent electoral policy in U.S. history — and in Congress, I will work to change this ugly reality. We must update and strengthen the Voting Rights Act and end gerrymandering, potentially through multi-candidate districts as envisioned in the Fair Representation Act. We must support and expand vote by mail, and must fund USPS. We must embrace Ranked Choice Voting as a fair way to better represent the will of the majority in elections.
In Congress, I will champion anti-racist policy as we work towards this country’s core aspiration: equal justice and opportunity for all. As a city councilor, I’ve worked to increase and expand opportunity for all in Newton — to not just speak about diversity, but to make meaningful change. I’ve taken tough votes in this mission, and have earned the support of civil rights activists in Newton because of it. I’ll bring these values of equality and opportunity for all with me to Congress.
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