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Massachusetts House 12th Plymouth

The Massachusetts House of Representatives is comprised of 160 members, each representing a district of approximately 40,000 people and each elected for a two-year term. As required by the Massachusetts Constitution, the House meets year-round in either formal or informal session to consider legislation. The Massachusetts House is led by the Speaker of the House who is elected by the members of the body at the beginning of each two-year legislative session. Base salary for each representative is approximately $66,256.

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    Kathleen R. LaNatra

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    Summer K. Schmaling

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What are your top two legislative priorities for the next session, and why?

Coping with COVID-19 has resulted in decreased state revenues and increased expenses in unexpected areas. Name two specific steps the state should take to balance the budget.

What specific initiatives would you support to address housing inequality in Massachusetts?

What steps would you take to ensure the future of public transportation and how would you fund these?

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As a small business owner, realtor, elected official and mother, I have long demonstrated a commitment of service to the community. I served as Vice Chair of the Kingston Board of Selectmen, trustee of the Affordable Housing Trust, Recreation Commissioner, and as a member of the CPC. I have a passion for our senior community and continue to be an active volunteer at the Council on Aging. Two years as State Rep. has provided invaluable experience in successfully serving my district.
Education has been thrown a curve ball this year. I will continue to support our students, educators and staff. I’ll work hard to ensure the district receives the funds promised through the Student Opportunity Act.I want no child left behind due to COVID-19.Community safety, is critical for our recovery and the future.Supporting Roadmap 2050 plans will deliver critical climate action for our coastal area. I will fight for improved mental health services together with training for public safety.
The pandemic is larger than any one state can deal with on its own and Massachusetts needs to immediately dedicate all resources toward and engage every lever of advocacy for the swift passage of the Heroes Act on Capital Hill. Secondly, the state should rededicate all savings resulting from the reduction in health care costs from March through August to cover other expenses resulting from the COVID-19 virus.
Massachusetts home prices have increased at the fastest rate in the nation, and rent prices rank among the highest in the country. It is important to add to our housing stock to support a growing economy and provide new housing choices. I will continue to to support every initiative to develop housing for all. Housing development programs encourage the development of affordable housing projects, Housing Choice Initiative provides incentives to municipalities to build a diverse housing stock.
Having traveled around the country and across the world it is clear that the United States is behind in the development of safe, robust, and reliable transportation. We can not foist the entire burden on rate payers therefore, the creation of public/private partnerships supported by infrastructure funding from institutional investors is the best way to ensure the future of our public transportation system.
My involvement in public service began in 2013 on the Town of Halifax Finance Committee. I was elected to the Halifax Elementary School Committee 2014, where I still serve. I am the current Chairman of the Halifax Republican Town Committee. I hold Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology, graduating a member of the TriBeta National Biological Honors Society. I studied the influenza virus at Tufts University School of Medicine, publishing my research in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
The health and safety of my constituents is a top priority. Proactive measures must be taken to ensure eldercare facilities and veterans’ homes won’t fail again during a future healthcare incident. My experience studying virology is a unique skillset which will benefit my constituents. My second legislative priority is greater transparency in state government. I support a complete forensic audit of the state budget, including all appropriations and expenditures, to reduce wasteful spending.
Regulations are a form of taxation, suffocating new business growth and job creation. We need to look for ways to limit bureaucracy and eliminate the amount of burdensome regulations on individuals and businesses. If MA had a lower individual and corporate tax rate, laborers and businesses would find MA a more affordable place to live and do business. Deregulation and lower taxes allows us to expand our tax base through increased employment, new business expansion, and decreasing the tax burden.
I would prioritize public housing benefits for veterans. This is another area where a forensic audit can eliminate fraud and abuse, and ensure residents of public housing are lawful citizens of the Commonwealth. Following the pandemic, there is an abundance of underutilized, vacant corporate office properties. Furthermore, I would encourage legislators, Governor Baker, and private-sector partners to work collaboratively to convert excessive corporate office space into public housing.
The future of public transportation is solely dependent upon transparency and reform. Pension reform is a major component to fix our public transportation. Again, forensic auditing can penetrate incompetent pension management and cronyism. Until we have competent financial leadership and pension reform, Massachusetts cannot properly fund or replace outdated, unsafe, and environmentally detrimental equipment or infrastructure being utilized within our public transportation system.