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Description: The South Dakota State Legislature is the legislative branch of the government of South Dakota. It is a bicameral legislative body, consisting of the Senate which has 35 members, and the House of Representatives, which has 70 members. The two houses are similar in most respects; the Senate alone holds the right to confirm gubernatorial appointments to certain offices. The Legislature meets at the South Dakota State Capitol in Pierre. It begins its annual session of the second Tuesday of January each year. The legislative session lasts 40 working days in odd-numbered years, and 35 days working days in even numbered years. Term: 4 consecutive 2 year termsSalary: $6,000 + $142 per legislative dayRequirements for Office: 21 years old; 2 years residency; qualified voter; may not have been convicted of bribery, perjury or other infamous crime; may not have illegally taken "public moneys".Petition Requirements: Depends on party and legislative district. See SD Secretary of State's website for details.

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What will you do to support the economy throughout our state in the face of international trade conflicts and the COVID-19 pandemic?

What should our state government do to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children?

What would you do for our local governments, such as counties, cities and school boards, so that they can be flexible in responding to local issues?

How do you view the initiative and referendum process in South Dakota? Are there any changes to this system that you would support?

With the redistricting process happening after the 2020 Census, how do you view the legislature’s role in this process and would you support an independent citizen redistricting commission?

What are your plans to protect voter rights such as online or same-day voter registration as well as absentee voting/voting by mail?

Age 63
Listen to constituents. Support budgetary priorities consistent with needs of my legislative district.
Continue to prioritize education funding as our state's #1 expenditure; continue to promote local control; continue to promote parental choice.
Continue to support local control.
The current system allow voters to refer any bill passed into law as well as bring initiatives directly to the voter. As such, South Dakotans enjoy significant liberties. That said, I am open to considering suggestions to improve the system.
In SD, like in most most states, the state legislature has primary control of the redistricting process. I believe the current system provides voters the most direct input by establishing elected officials as the decision-maker. I do not support appointed/non-elected individuals making political decisions on any state commission. I could support an elected independent commission.
Voter rights are currently protected. Anyone in SD can vote early beginning September 18th following established procedures. It's important people have trust in the legitimacy of their government, especially when the nation is so closely divided. Calls to changes the means and mechanisms of a time-tested methology is dangerous and reckless.
Age 67
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First, I look for ways to manage state expenditures to align with available resources. South Dakota must operate within a balanced budget. That is true every year, pandemic or not. By keeping expenses low and maintaining an adequate reserve, we are best prepared to deal with the unexpected. This year, Federal CARES act funds given to the state may become available to assist businesses impacted by COVID-19. If that happens, I look for the legislature to take a more active role in assessing the need and applying resources where they are needed the most.
We need to ensure that education funding keeps pace with inflation. Beyond funding, we should look for every way possible to encourage parents to connect with their children's education. Studies prove that children who have parents connected and engaged in their education have the highest success. We should look for ways to encourage every parent to engage, actively participate in and direct the education of their kids.
Local control over local issues is always preferred. As issues arise, I always consider maximizing local control as a vital component of every solution.
South Dakota has a long history of using the initiative and referendum process. It is highly valued. I look to protect that from outside interference so that South Dakotans truly direct any changes brought forward using this process.
I do not support an "independent redistricting commission". The legislature is both knowledgable of the state and also directly accountable to those who elected them. An "independent commission" is unneeded, costly and would have much less accountability.
Existing voter rights and the rules established in South Dakota have proven effective for decades. I believe they properly balance the need of voting integrity and voter accessibility.