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Description: The South Dakota State Legislature is the legislative branch of the government of South Dakota. It is a bicameral legislative body, consisting of the Senate which has 35 members, and the House of Representatives, which has 70 members. The two houses are similar in most respects; the Senate alone holds the right to confirm gubernatorial appointments to certain offices. The Legislature meets at the South Dakota State Capitol in Pierre. It begins its annual session of the second Tuesday of January each year. The legislative session lasts 40 working days in odd-numbered years, and 35 days working days in even numbered years. Term: 4 consecutive 2 year termsSalary: $6,000 + $142 per legislative dayRequirements for Office: 21 years old; 2 years residency; qualified voter; may not have been convicted of bribery, perjury or other infamous crime; may not have illegally taken "public moneys".Petition Requirements: Depends on party and legislative district. See SD Secretary of State's website for details.

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    Bryan J. Breitling

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What will you do to support the economy throughout our state in the face of international trade conflicts and the COVID-19 pandemic?

What should our state government do to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children?

What would you do for our local governments, such as counties, cities and school boards, so that they can be flexible in responding to local issues?

How do you view the initiative and referendum process in South Dakota? Are there any changes to this system that you would support?

With the redistricting process happening after the 2020 Census, how do you view the legislature’s role in this process and would you support an independent citizen redistricting commission?

What are your plans to protect voter rights such as online or same-day voter registration as well as absentee voting/voting by mail?

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Age 51
Abundant harvests, strong ag production, and economic development are central to growing South Dakota's economy. It is our job in state government to facilitate trade opportunities for our state. Those opportunities include making the connections, but also to educate local businessmen and producers, state leaders, and federal leaders about the opportunities. The pandemic has caused huge disruption for many industries in our state. Continuing to relax oversight burdens so that small businesses have the same opportunities to operate as large diversified organizations is important. We have seen some small businesses determined non-essential, while similar large businesses determined to be essential because they have a larger diversified stock in their business. Remembering and educating that small businesses can remain viable and safe places for businesses due to their connection to their customers.
The more educational opportunities we can provide for the residents of our state, the more we all succeed. The pandemic has caused us all to question whether public education can be safe. However, social interactions, personal contact education is better than virtual education. Our school districts and colleges/universities continue to learn how to keep kids safe, while preparing them for life after school. While there is no roadmap on how to beat a pandemic, there are tried and true educational processes, so we need to navigate what we know and what we can expect to prepare our young South Dakotans for tomorrow's challenges and successes.
Our local government agencies are the most adaptable to address the local market conditions and need. Continued emphasis on transparency and local control, or supporting decision making at it's most local level, is the best opportunity for addressing local challenges. Our world and society are changing, and we need to change and adapt with it. The state's role is to provide an overarching over-arching framework for safety for all, but let each community customize and finalize today's challenges to match their community or organizational circumstance.
At this time, I am comfortable with the current requirements to pass an initiated measure or referendum.
I am supportive of the current legislative role in redistricting after the 2020 census.
South Dakota has very safe elections. The current voter registration is accepted up to 15 days before the election. The SD absentee/vote by mail voting has been successful for years. I will support the prior registration process and current absentee/vote by mail process, until I learn there is a better, safer process, or the existing process is burdensome for some constituents.