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Missouri State Senate District 7

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    Nathan Kline

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    Greg Razer

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What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about and why?

What would be your approach to addressing the current challenges facing our state?

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Campaign Phone (816) 561-0455
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Incumbent? No
Education BFA
Age 52
Top Three Priorities: 1. Addressing the existential crisis of global climate change. If we don't rapidly bring all human activity into balance with the natural environment, human civilization will collapse this century. All other priorities become irrelevant if we fail here. 2. Corruption. The complete capture of the corporate parties by rich campaign donors and corporations has been completed years ago. The current status quo of environmental degradation, profound income inequality, forever war, and broken regulatory oversight can only be tackled by a trailblazing party that is not for sale. The Green Party therefore is the only option for change. 3. Income/Power Imbalances. When the richest three Americans have more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans, it is way past due for a coordinated wealth redistribution program to transfer these hoarded resources to those most in need in the form of healthcare, education, basic income support, and other necessities of life.
Unlike elected representatives of the two corporate parties, I as an elected Green Party candidate would serve citizens, voters, and local communities as opposed to wealthy campaign contributors. Unlike the two corporate parties and their candidates, Green Party candidates never take money from wealthy campaign donors and therefore are not for sale. This liberates us from the golden shackles that have solidified a status quo that continues to benefit the wealthiest to the detriment to the overwhelming majority of us that are left fighting for scraps.

As an elected Green Party state official I would be in the position to serve voters & communities to a much greater degree than the officials of the two corporate parties that must serve primarily their wealthy campaign donors. I would also be in a unique position to report honestly to the public and the media on the corrupt and often secretive practices in Jefferson City, which would have a significant effect on keeping them honest.
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Campaign email address
Campaign Phone (816) 313-2303
Public Elected Offices Held Missouri State Representative, District 25
Incumbent? Currently State Representative (District 25), candidate for State Senate (District 7)
Education BA, History - University of Missouri
Age 42
1. We must invest in our state's future by properly investing in education at all levels. Over the past 20 years we have seen leadership in the Missouri General Assembly reduce funding to K-12 education, leaving many of our young people behind. Higher education is receiving an equivalent of state funding that it did more than 20 years ago. This leads to a lower educational standards, and a raise in tuition/fees which can be prohibitive for many Missourians.

2. If voters approve Medicaid expansion (which I strongly support), then we must ensure that it is rolled out and funded correctly. Investing in the health of our citizens is an investment in the state as a whole.

3. We must protect the rights of all our citizen. We must fight against the continued attack on women. We must work toward criminal justice and police reform. And, if elected, I am likely to be the only openly LGBTQ member of the Senate. I will continue to lead on that front as well.
First, we must do all we can to elect the right people to office. That starts this August and continues in November. Vote.

Secondly, after the election we must work with those in office to move the needle forward where we can, and stop it from regressing when we must. If elected I will almost certainly be serving in the minority party. It will be incumbent upon me to build relationships on both sides of the aisle to work to make Missouri better tomorrow than it is today.

Lastly, we must begin to invest in ourselves and our future. For far too long we have not appropriately funded the education of our young people, the healthcare of our most vulnerable, or in so many aspects of our state's infrastructure. We are trying to run a state in the 21st century on 20th century funding. This cannot last.