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Missouri State House District 37

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives are charged with proposing, debating and voting on legislation and with representing constituents in their districts. There are 163 House districts in the state. State representatives serve two-year terms and are paid $35,915 per year plus a per diem.

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    John D. Boyd, Jr.

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    Daniel Karam

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    Annette Turnbaugh

Biographical Information

What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about and why?

What would be your approach to addressing the current challenges facing our state?

Campaign Website:
Campaign email address
Campaign Phone (816) 535-0065
Public Elected Offices Held None, i’m not a career politician
Incumbent? No
Education Completed educational training in the Air Force, Kansas City Community College, and Avila University. My fields of study included mathematics, computer science, and business.
Overall I wish to decrease government overreach and regulations. Too many inappropriate regulations and mandates put a stranglehold on our economy and stifle small businesses. On a more local effort, I’m working to rebuild effective neighborhood watch programs that will unite our community while decreasing the burden on law-enforcement for frivolous calls.
The biggest challenge right now is keeping the economy open while allowing people the personal freedom to choose how they protect the health and welfare of themselves and their families. Our responsibility is not to issue unlimited executive orders and mandates based on ever-changing conflicting data. Our responsibility is to protect and ensure personal freedoms and liberties are not trampled on.
Campaign Facebook http://Daniel David Karam
Campaign email address
Incumbent? No.
Education Some College
Age 68
Taxes. I don't see why schools are funded by local property taxes. I believe all schools should be funded equally through out the State. Youth especially should be given equal opportunity to develop and progress.
One of the main considerations politicians should be addressing is health care. When every citizen is guaranteed the ability to have their health concerns taken care of that does not weaken our state but strengthens our state.
Campaign email address
Campaign Phone (816) 806-1111
Public Elected Offices Held Grandview Alderman Ward 2
Incumbent? No
Education Grandview High School Longview Community College
Age 61
I'm concerned for the health and welfare of senior services. I have a great many residents in my district over 65 who rely on senior services daily in life. I'm concerned about the quality of transportation in Missouri, the condition of our highways and bridges. Because education is also very important to me, I am a strong supporter of public schools.
As a Democrat in the state legislature, there is a possibility that my party would be in the minority. In order to accomplish things for my constituents, I will need to work across party lines to get things done. I have done this as an Alderman for the past ten years and I am confident that I can build working coalitions that will allow our disctict to move forward.