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Missouri State House District 16

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives are charged with proposing, debating and voting on legislation and with representing constituents in their districts. There are 163 House districts in the state. State representatives serve two-year terms and are paid $35,915 per year plus a per diem.

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    Chris Brown

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    James Shackelford

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What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about and why?

What would be your approach to addressing the current challenges facing our state?

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Education B.A Benedictine College M.A. Educational Administration Benedictine College
Age 55
First would be education. It would be my goal to make sure k-12 education is fully funded. I would also like to explore more vocational education opportunities. I talk with employers consistently and a message they have is finding workers. There has been such an emphasis on pre college education I think some of the trades have been marginalized. Also, the public education system in the United States has lifted more people out of poverty than any other collective institution in the world, a solid education like a rising tide will lift all boats. A quality, world class, public education system in the state of Missouri should always be a top priority of all Missouri lawmakers.

Second, I believe one of the main goals of government is providing basic services. Now everything I'm about to say must be paid for, however, I would be a huge advocate for putting money into infrastructure, such as road and bridge repair, money into our state parks, aviation, energy development, levee development
I ran out of space on above question. Nevertheless on all those items, I get it, it comes with a huge price tag.

That brings me to my last priority and that is the budget. I would really like to be on the budget committee because that is what dictates spending priorities. I want to be involved in the conversation that, hopefully spends taxpayer money in as cost effective way as possible.

Right now I would say the most pressing current challenge is dealing with the ongoing effects of Covid. Businesses, families, schools, all are going to be impacted to varying degrees. As a legislative body we need to do all we can to help deal with the negative impacts, how best to do that could be difficult. Low interest loans to small business, local flexibility to schools, various tax rebates to individuals & families, not sure, but Covid could be headed in the wrong direction and being proactive is probably better than being reactive.
Campaign email address
Campaign Phone (816) 200-2484
Public Elected Offices Held None.
Incumbent? No.
Education Liberty High School. Oklahoma City University - Bachelor of Music. UMKC - Master of Public Administration.
Age 30
I am personally passionate about several key areas of public policy. First and foremost, I am passionate about our democratic processes, making them as easy and accessible to all Missourians, and in having a government that puts the people first. Missouri deserves a fair and balanced democracy where all sides can be voiced, and all stories can be heard. In District 16, my neighbors and I are passionate about our public schools, health care, and supporting union members and small business owners. I am also very passionate about being an ally and furthering equality for all Missourians, addressing racial equity and finding solutions that will bring much-needed change, and supporting every measure to combat climate change while also investing in renewable energy opportunities. Lastly, an issue that all Missourians are passionate every year; infrastructure. We must make our Missouri roads, highways, and bridges a priority by developing new investment strategies to address this issue.
I believe that one of the biggest challenges facing our state today is the current supermajority in our legislature, and the partisan gridlock that goes with it. No matter which party is in control, when there is a supermajority in the legislature, there are one or more sides not being fairly represented and heard. To me, this is not the way our government was intended to function. I believe all Missourians deserve a fair and balanced democracy, where all sides can be represented, and all stories can be heard. For over a decade our state has been subject to a supermajority, and for over a decade we have seen the priority given to one political party. I am approaching this challenge head on by running in a red district, striving to flip it blue. We only need eight House districts to flip blue in 2020 to end the supermajority. If we are successful, then Missouri will be one step closer to having a government that puts the people first.