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Missouri State House District 15

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives are charged with proposing, debating and voting on legislation and with representing constituents in their districts. There are 163 House districts in the state. State representatives serve two-year terms and are paid $35,915 per year plus a per diem.

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    Maggie Nurrenbern

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    Steve West

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What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about and why?

What would be your approach to addressing the current challenges facing our state?

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Campaign Phone (816) 289-8822
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Education Bachelor of Arts- Truman State University Master's in Education- University of Missouri- Kansas City
Age 36
My students and my own children have given me a renewed purpose to advocate for bright futures for kids all across Missouri. I’m running for state representative to champion public education, to fight for quality, affordable healthcare, to defend our workers’ rights, and to secure funding to fix our crumbling infrastructure.
It's time to work together to find commonsense solutions for all Missourians. I understand the importance of compromise and I will work across the aisle to get things done for my constituents.
Campaign Website:
Campaign email address
Campaign Phone (816) 455-3334
Education Reform! Schools aren't teaching critical, logical thinking skills. Kids are being indoctrinated, told what to think, group think, divided by race & sexual preference. Public education is about money & politics now, YOUR MONEY AND THEIR POLITICS. Schools have become recruiting grounds to advance their political agenda, challenging parental authority, separating parents from their children. Unions protect underperforming, negligent & iniquitous teachers, keeping them in the classroom to affect your children! Alternative sex ed, LGBT clubs and staff. At the most critical and vulnerable time of kids lives, when they can be confused, and are flooded with hormones, the last thing our kids need is gender confusion taught in pubic schools. Public schools do have outstanding HS sports, for one reason, competition. Educators blame parents for their failures in the classroom. Coaches routinely take kids from difficult situations who excel as a result of their involvement in HS sports.
Re-assessing our priorities and advocating solutions: IE: We have a huge problem with substance abuse.There is a causal link to porn addiction. Studies have conclusively proven structural and chemical brain changes from porn addiction are identical to those of drug addicts. Porn is extremely addictive, especially to adolescent boys, leaving them more vulnerable to drug addiction. Furthermore there is a causal link to sexual predation. Every sexual predator began their obsession with porn and graduated to sexual predation. It is no different then drug addicts seeking a greater high experimenting with hard core drugs. Every hard core drug addict smoked pot, just as every sexual predator began with porn. Internet and print porn needs to be strictly regulated and kept away from our vulnerable youth. Other countries have done it. We can do it here. Porn and drug addiction is a primary causal link to the victimization and increased sexual predation of women and children.