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U.S. Representative - District 4

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduce bills and resolutions, offer amendments and serve on committees. The special duties of the House include the power to initiate bills to collect tax money and other revenue, the ability to impeach federal officials and the duty to elect the president if there is a tie in the electoral college. Congressmen and congresswomen serve two-year terms and are paid $174,000 per year.

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What would be your approach to addressing the current challenges facing our nation?

What would be your top priority for congressional action in 2021? Briefly explain why and how you would address this priority.

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Public Elected Offices Held None
Incumbent? No
Education Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration
Age 72
I would take back the Constitutional powers of Congress that have been usurped by the Executive Branch. Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution says Congress shall have the power to Declare war. Anybody heard of the Sahel region, much less why there are 1000 American troops fighting there? I will work with the Executive Branch to ensure there is a thought out end to contemplated wars before I consider giving a vote to Declare War. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 says that Congress shall have power to regulate Commerce with foreign nations. So I will work with all foreign nations to eliminate trade barriers to ensure free trading of the 4th District's production of goods and services. Well it's in the Constitution that Congress has the power of the purse. I Will work to ensure contemplated appropriations are thought out and have clear purposes. It is wrong for a Congress-person to await for the passage of their appropriations to then see what's in it for the first time.
My 202I immediate legislative action would be to facilitate spending on infrastructure. The infrustructure needs sorely to be upgraded and the unemployed need sorely to be employed on these projects. The Federa Reserve printed money to support the stock market. I would initiate legislation to have the Federal Reserve liquidate its stocks and use the proceeds to fund the infrastructure. In addition I would initiate legislation to make the Federal Reserve an advisory body to Congress. Article I, Section8, Clause 5, provides for Congress to coin money and regulate the value thereof. The Federal Reserve's regulation of the value of money usurp the Constitutional role of Congress.
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Public Elected Offices Held None.
Incumbent? None.
Education Missouri Valley College, B.S. 2010 University of South Dakota, M.A. 2012 Harvard Law School, J.D. 2015
Age 33
We are in the midst of a global pandemic and one of the worst economic crises we've seen in three generations. Every institution in our government is in need of serious reform. We cannot simply "return to normal," we must build back better than we previously were. Three values that guide my policy making are families, fairness, and freedom. We need to put working families, military families, and farming families first. Each of our policies needs to be fair--no carve outs for special interests or the wealthy. Each of our policies must support the freedoms our Constitution provides.

As an Army wife of a currently deployed soldier, I think a lot about why our family makes the sacrifices it does---and it's certainly not so healthcare companies can profit off of the sick or so corporations can get away not paying their fair share. We need policies like universal healthcare, fully funded schools, economic and infrastructure investments, and a living wage that lifts all people up.
My number one focus is families. Period.

I am part of a working family that works hard to make ends meet. I am part of a military family that knows what it's like to have our needs passed over and delivered to defense contractors. I am part of a farming family that knows how hard it is to stay in business when BigAg forms a monopoly, pays politicians to end Country of Origin Labeling, and drives our prices down.

My priority piece of legislation will put families first.

This will be a new deal for all of our families--one ensuring that every family can afford healthcare and prescriptions, one that prioritizes family farmers over BigAg by removing tariffs, reinstating COOL, prohibiting the sale of our land to foreign owners, and opening new markets, one that prioritizes decontaminating drinking water and removing asbestos from military housing, one that demands people be paid a living wage and incentivizes economic and infrastructure investment in rural areas.