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    Shawn Johnson

  • Tom Walters

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Biographical Information.

Given the cuts to the Wyoming Departments of Health and Family Services already made by Governor Gordon, how would you immediately protect the most vulnerable among us?

Do you support any legislation that may come before the 2021 session of the Legislature that could result in raising revenue? Please explain.

What is your position on “Medicaid expansion” that allows low-income adults to be eligible for healthcare coverage with 90% funding from the Federal government and 10% funding from the State?

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My name is Shawn Johnson, and I am running in District 38 for the Wyoming State House of Representatives. I have been elected city councilman in Casper since 2014, and I served as Casper’s vice-mayor. I am also a combat veteran. I served as a medic in Iraq in 2004, and was decorated for my life-saving conduct while deployed. I have also served as a deputy sheriff for Natrona County Sheriff’s Department from 2007 until this year. During my time at the Sherriff’s Department, I was also awarded their Life Saving Medal for saving the life of an inmate.
We must ensure that healthcare is accessible and affordable for everyone in Wyoming. Costs and accessibility are associated with supply and demand. Sadly, Wyoming has an enormous shortage of quality medical professionals in every area in the state. This creates both an enormous demand which leads to high costs, as well as a shortage of medical professionals in some areas, which makes access to healthcare nearly impossible for many. By embracing new technology in medicine, such as telemedicine and remote imaging, we can dramatically lower costs and improve services.
I cannot in good conscience raise taxes on Wyoming families who are already struggling from unemployment and lowered incomes. The revenue shortfall we are facing is a complex issue. For decades, establishment politicians have tried to deal with it in a variety of ways, often making it a more layered problem and more expensive in the long run. It is time for new voices to be heard in Cheyenne, as we have seen that establishment ways have not worked. I want to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in all departments with a full budgetary audit. I also want to innovate and streamline our current expenditures to reduce costs and bring Wyoming firmly into the 21st century.
There are options for reducing overall costs to allow low-income adults access to affordable and quality healthcare. We must innovate our healthcare system, providing more options and a competitive healthcare market. New practices such as remote medicine and cross-state prescription sales can reduce costs while saving the time and effort associated with in-person physician visits.
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