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Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner

The Corporation Commission regulates and supervises the exploration and production of oil and gas, the storage and dispensing of petroleum based fuels, and the operation of intrastate transportation, and establishes rates and services of public utilities. Commissioners must be residents of the state for at least 2 years, qualified electors, and not less than 30 years of age. The Commissioners serve staggered six-year terms. They are paid $114,713 annually. The Chair receives $116,713.

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    Todd Hagopian

  • Todd Hiett

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Education MBA - Michigan State University Double Major - Finance/Marketing BS - Eastern Michigan University Political Science Major
Professional Experience Berkshire Hathaway - President (Unarco Division) Illinois Tool Works - Business Unit Manager (Weigh/Wrap Division) Whirlpool - Senior Manager
Campaign Phone (734) 730-3775
Twitter @toddhagopian
I saw that a career Republican politician was going to run for this position with no Democratic challenger (for the second time in a row), and I am sick of candidates winning powerful races just because nobody will stand up and fight against them. Having a competition for these offices keeps politicians honest, forces them to articulate what they will do, and makes them defend the stances that they have taken, and makes them defend the money that they have taken from people in the industry. The Corporation Commission keeps getting larger, and more powerful, and I don’t think that is in the best interests of the citizens of Oklahoma. I am running to show people that this commission is important to the Oklahoma recovery. With unemployment rates we have not seen since the early eighties, now is the time for business people to be in charge of this commission, rather than career politicians, so that we can take the action necessary to get Oklahoma back to work.
I have three legislative priorities: 1) Cut the red tape 2) Stop letting Government pick winners and losers 3) Put Oklahoma back to work. Cutting the red tape involves reducing the total number of future regulations. We need to focus on bringing jobs back, and to do that, we need our business dollars to be driven into investment, not into the pockets of lawyers and lobbyists as they try to get favorable treatment from the Government in exchange for campaign donations. Stopping letting the Government pick winners and losers can range from making sure that new regulations do not advantage one group of companies over another, all the way towards making sure that there is not fraud being committed in the Government (Problem on this commission). Putting Oklahoma back to work involves increasing regulatory transparency, so that companies know what is coming. Once they do, we will get out of this period of inaction, they will begin investing again, and people will be put back to work.
I am not a career politician. I have over 10 years of Fortune 500 Senior Management experience. I have run small businesses, and I have run large businesses. The one thing that all businesses have in common is that if they do not know what the Government is going to do next, they withhold investment until it becomes clear. This is one of the major reasons that we have record high unemployment, even though Oklahoma has kept almost everything open and we are just months away from a cure. People were laid off because the companies stopped investing. They didn’t know if OK was going to shut them down, or if the Corporation Commission was going to put in production constraints (creating an "Oklahoma OPEC"), they just did not know what was coming next. With me on the commission, I will send a message that Oklahoma is open for business. I have brought jobs back to Oklahoma from China, Virginia and Texas. If you want to put Oklahoma back to work, you need someone who has done it before.
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