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Oklahoma House District 81

The state of Oklahoma has 101 state House districts. Each district elects one representative. All 101 seats are up for election in 2020, with a primary to be held on June 30, a runoff (if necessary) on August 25 and the general election on November 3.The Oklahoma House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Oklahoma State Legislature. Together with the Oklahoma State Senate, they form a legislative branch of the Oklahoma state government and work directly with the governor of Oklahoma to create laws and establish a state budget. The Oklahoma House of Representatives authority includes legislation on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes. Oklahoma state representatives serve two-year terms and are limited to a total of 12 years of cumulative service in the House and Senate. They are scheduled to receive a pay increase in November 2020, from $35,021 to $47,500 annually. When the legislature is in session, they also receive a $156 daily "per diem" allowance. Members of the House of Representatives must be twenty-one years of age at the time of their election. They must be qualified electors in their respective counties or districts and must live in those counties or districts during their term of office.

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    Jacob Baccus

  • Mike Osburn

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Education SWOSU B.S. Parks and Recreation Management Union Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity
Professional Experience Educator Minister
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Campaign Phone (405) 738-0210
Twitter @jacobbaccus
I am running because I want to advocate for those who do not always know how to advocate for themselves. I have seen first hand people’s needs being ignored. My parents found themselves living on undrivable roads, not knowing what to do. So I began to advocate for them. I soon realized we don’t have enough leaders looking out for everyday Oklahomans and that the system needs a dramatic change. I was able to work with people across demographics and party affiliations to help my parents and now I want to do that for every Oklahoman. This race is about the status quo versus change. We do not have to accept our government being only okay. We deserve a champion. I will fight for quality affordable healthcare, better than okay education, thorough criminal justice reform, and strong working relationships with our tribes. We deserve a better Oklahoma.
In my first year, I will focus on health care, voter access and criminal justice reform. I will fight for quality, affordable health care, paid sick leave and paid maternity leave of 12 weeks. I will work to insure every Oklahoman has equal and easy access to vote. I will propose legislation that automatically registers people to vote when they turn 18. Additionally, I will promote legislation that makes voting online safe and secure. Finally, I will put forth comprehensive, meaningful criminal justice reform legislation. We have to make choices that will reduce incarceration and improve how we seek justice in our state. We must clearly and definitively decide: What we choose to criminalize How we want our police and communities to interact If we are serious about providing opportunities for rehabilitation Whether we emphasize preventive justice or incarceration The choices we make are the choices that decide the lives of so many Oklahomans.
In an election with such high stakes, just okay is not okay. Our representation has failed to meet the biggest challenges of our day. They failed to act quickly in response to COVID-19 and acted quickly to implement stricter voting standards. We need a leader for our community and I am that leader. I see community leadership as the most important aspect of joining the state legislature. Knowing what impacts your community gives a person the knowledge necessary to advocate on behalf of their constituents. I will step into office on day one with fresh ideas and unique insights. I have been listening to the people of HD 81 and we are longing for someone who can lead through us through the issues we face day in and day out. I will lead by listening, explaining and acting for my community.
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