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Oklahoma County Sheriff

The mission of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is to provide professional and quality law enforcement, custodial, and court related services to all persons and to effectively perform all duties mandated to us by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Oklahoma in a professional, ethical, and cost efficient manner. We work as partners with our citizens, sharing our plans and strategies, and providing ongoing honesty and candor in communications. We recognize our badge as a symbol of public trust and expect exemplary behavior from our employees both in the performance of their duties and in their personal lives.

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It will be an ongoing priority to build community trust and legitimacy to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. This will be done with a focus on policy, oversite and structure. There will be an unprecedented level of transparency implemented at the Sheriff's office.
I am running because I have the knowledge, skill, ability and experience to function effectively in this role. I also feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to the community to use my knowledge and skill for the service of others.
I believe I am the best candidate for this office because I have demonstrated effective, and trustworthy leadership throughout the community of law enforcement for many years. I have also used my experience to create positive relationships with a variety of faith-based organizations, Non-profits organizations and business leaders. No other candidate has a proven authentic heart for the community and a desire to see the community and law enforcement work closely together to create the safest community in the United States than me.
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High on the list of priorities for the first year of my next term will be to ensure my office is available to assist the newly formed Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority in any transitional needs as they manage the day to day operations of the Oklahoma County Detention Center. It is imperative that their mission is a success and I’m more than willing to assist them in that regard. Focusing on law enforcement efforts and the safety of the citizens of Oklahoma County. To this end, I will be continuing my partnerships with organizations such as Palomar, which serves women and children in troubled situations. As mental health contacts continue to rise, a priority of mine will be to continue providing training and education of Sheriff’s Office employees on the recognition and support of OK County citizens struggling with mental health issues. Just this week, I have submitted to the county a letter of commitment voicing my support for an upcoming grant application to address these sorts of needs. Keeping your children safe, offering a positive image of law enforcement and providing them with a mentoring opportunity is a pillar of our agency and I will continue to provide for the School Resource Officer program to fulfill this priority. Since assuming office, I have been transparent in the operations of this agency. In an effort to increase this transparency, last year, I empaneled the first Citizen Advisory Board in the history of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.
I am the only candidate qualified for the job of Oklahoma County Sheriff. I am the only candidate that has experience running a large law enforcement agency, with extensive administrative and budgetary responsibilities. Since becoming sheriff, I have consistently found ways to streamline the agency, without sacrificing effectiveness, and come in under budget every year. I have over 48 years of law enforcement experience. I have faithfully served the citizens of Oklahoma County for the past 23 years with the Sheriff’s Office and I have 26 years of experience with the Oklahoma City Police Department. I sit on numerous boards within the county, and I participate on multiple endeavors with local entities. I am proud to participate with the ongoing Criminal Justice Advisory Committee to examine ways to benefit all aspects of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice System. This job requires cooperation and working relationships with numerous entities, and I have a strong history of fostering such relationships and working effectively with other agencies to achieve positive solutions. A testament to my career serving the citizens of Oklahoma that I am humbled by is that I have had the privilege of being inducted into the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame.
While I feel I have accomplished much during my first 3 years as sheriff, there is still much to do and I have a lot left to give to the citizens of Oklahoma County. I want to make sure the office stays on the right path with positive forward movement. As the transition to focusing solely on law enforcement efforts begins, I feel it is an important time for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. Experience matters and during this formative time for the new direction of the agency, it will be important to have a hand on the wheel that has the experience to navigate these new waters.