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Oklahoma County Clerk

The Oklahoma County Clerk Office, is in charge of finance, payroll, the Registrar of Deeds and other services for the county.

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    Christina Mallory Chicoraske

  • David B. Hooten

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Campaign Phone (405) 215-9263
My first goal is to make public meetings more accessible to the public. With the technology available, there should be no reason why meetings are not live-streamed, agendas available through multiple channels, and creative ways for the public to stay engaged and informed with county government. For too long, so many of our neighbors have faced barriers to access because of their race, gender, income, and ability. I want to break down those barriers and work every day to improve the lives of ALL Oklahoma County residents.
For too long our county government has not reflected the diversity of the over 880,000 county residents. I have the skills, education, and drive to make the county government more transparent, accessible, accountable, and efficient. The county's business should be EVERYONE's business.
I have a masters in public administration and experience working in municipal government as well as a nonprofit executive. I am a relationship and community builder. I want to bring as many perspectives to the table, and work to advocate for those, who for so long, have not had a voice when it comes to the business of Oklahoma County.
If elected, I will continue my policies of transparency in government, efficiency, and increased modernization that I’ve set in place since I became County Clerk in 2016, leading my office to be one of the smoothest-running and technologically advanced in the state.
I have served my community in various sectors over the course of my life, as a small business owner, a musician, and a community leader. This expertise has served me well in the office of the County Clerk.
I run for the purpose of preserving our freedoms, our economy, and our way of life we have so proudly built in the state of Oklahoma. I will proudly continue to serve the taxpayers of Oklahoma County with integrity, honesty, and transparency!