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How would you prioritize using the funds provided to WV by the CARES Act and other COVID-19 relief funds?

What changes in current election laws would you favor to make voting safer and more accessible?

Lack of broadband access limits employment and educational opportunities in many parts of West Virginia. What should be done to make broadband available statewide?

Given COVID-19, how do you propose we protect our students, teachers and school service personnel while at the same time providing equal access to a quality education across the state?

What experience, training or education do you have that would make you an effective state legislator?

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I was born and raised on a cattle farm in Canaan Valley, WV. From fixing fences and chasing cows to putting up hay for the winter, life on the farm shaped who I am today. I helped my family with their small businesses, including my father’s chimney sweep business, small ski area, and my mother’s restaurant and catering business. After graduating from Tucker County High School, I trained as a massage therapist and have run my own successful small business for 17 years. I currently live at my home in Dryfork, WV, on two acres with a nice garden, my girlfriend KB, our daughters, two dogs, one cat, and 10 chickens. I ran for WV House in 2018 and am running again in 2020. I am excited to bring new leadership to Charleston.
I would allocate those funds to those who are most vulnerable and in need. Especially people who risk eviction, going hungry, or not getting needed medicine. Expanding unemployment benefits, SNAP funding, and Medicare are all things I support in general, but especially during a crisis such as this. I denounce our Governor's slush fund and withholding of these monies.
I want the Secretary of State to implement Automatic Voter Registration (that former SOS Natalie Tennant worked to pass) and allow universal mail-in voting. Our rural state could benefit from mail-in voting tremendously and we need to encourage access to voting, not set up hurdles. Each county should also have multiple locked drop boxes for absentee and mail-in ballots.
We need to help build the "middle mile" buy building public infrastructure similar to rural electrification that was done many decades ago. A public-private partnership could help this needed service be realized. We must break up monopolies that are holding our state back, some of which won't even expand services for fear of being sued for bad service! This has got to stop. We can't afford to not invest in broadband infrastructure. Our state is a beacon for remote workers who want to get out of the cities but we are losing those opportunities by delaying these investments.
There are no easy answers to this dilemma, but protecting the health of our children and families is the top priority. No school should be open without proper PPE and cleaning supplies. Access to broadband is crucial to make sure no child/family is falling through the cracks. While I don't doubt the care and concern of our educators and service personnel, I think remote learning is the safest option long term. This also highlights the need for universal childcare, since many families (especially single moms) can't be home all week for their kids to learn virtually. Also, some grandfamilies are overwhelmed with a second round of parenting and universal childcare could provide them with needed relief.
I graduated from Magna Cum Laude from WVU in 2009 with a Liberal Arts & Sciences degree and a philosophy minor. Having a broad knowledge base in political science, history, philosophy, sociology, etc. is a strength I could only get by exposing myself to myriad topics, including the more challenging ones that got me out of my comfort zone. I have worked with numerous local boards and nonprofits, including the Tucker County Development Authority, and that experience has shown me how to work with people that have differing opinions. I'm a lifelong Appalachian and I have a deep understanding of how our culture is portrayed in shallow stereotypes that overlook the diversity and close-knit communities that make our state a great place to live.
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