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What changes would you recommend for responding to any future state emergencies such as COVID-19 which would increase overall preparedness and assist those affected by the emergency?

How would you prioritize using the funds provided to West Virginia by the CARES Act and other COVID-19 relief funds?

Lack of broadband access limits employment and educational opportunities in many parts of West Virginia. What should be done to make broadband available statewide?

What do you hope to accomplish as Governor?

What experience, training or education do you have that would make you an effective Governor?

Under my leadership, West Virginia’s COVID-19 numbers have been among the best in the nation. We outperformed the national average, as well as all the rates of our surrounding states. Dr. Deborah Birx, the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said, “West Virginia got it right,” praising my leadership and the state’s coronavirus response.
As Governor, I have used West Virginia's CARES Act funding to care for West Virginians during these challenging times. We've spent millions on unemployment payments, grants to small businesses and job creators, providing food distribution points for seniors and school children, securing safe schools with protective gear and masks, and reimbursing COVID-19 expenses for our counties and municipalities.
I recently announced plans for a significant broadband infrastructure project in West Virginia through collaboration with Facebook. The State plans to maximize the benefit of this advanced internet infrastructure by using excess bandwidth on the fiber to expand connectivity into West Virginia communities. I've worked with West Virginia's congressional delegation and private partners to improve broadband connectivity in West Virginia
We're turning West Virginia's economy around, and we're investing in our roads and schools. There is still work to do, and I'm just getting started because I want jobs, opportunity, and hope for all West Virginians. There are challenges ahead and more work, and I am focused every day on building on the successes we've achieved during my first term.
I'm driven by my love of West Virginia and a lifetime of experience as a businessman and job creator to see West Virginia be the best. Serving as Governor is my most incredible honor, but before that, I led over 100 companies, created jobs and employed thousands of people, and volunteered in our communities to help hardworking West Virginians.
Immediately convey accurate and transparent information in order to not lose the trust of West Virginians. Put citizens first, including sidestepping federal hurdles standing in the way. In order for citizens and businesses to make informed decisions, it is imperative to have an open exchange of information. Government exists to protect us, not to prohibit us.
I would consult with the Legislature and prioritize funds for public health, such as testing for all citizens who desire it. Secondly, I would allocate funds to the areas affected the most by COVID-19 such as education resources to minimize disruption to children’s learning and development and invest in childcare to minimize disruption to families and businesses during modified operations.
Utilizing the cost savings from my other programs, such as criminal justice reform, and partnering with the private sector will allow us to devote the proper amount of resources to slowly and manageably grow broadband in underserved areas.
I will build a relationship of trust with all West Virginians and will put their best interests above political gamesmanship and special interest agendas. Additionally, I hope to decrease the number of young people leaving our state, fully decriminalize cannabis, ignite economic development and curb wasteful spending.
I am a business owner, wife, daughter and mother. I do my best as a lawyer to represent West Virginians and improve their lives and I understand their needs and problems. I am experienced leading organizations compiled of vastly different individuals and have the skills necessary to bring people together from varying backgrounds together in order to solve problems.
A) Recreate the Office of Civil Defense for COVID-19 and other emergencies. B) Stockpile basic medical/first aid supplies 30 minutes from any West Virginian facilitating Triage C) Organized testing for such pandemics D) Color codes identifying sites of outbreaks like Pennsylvania
A) .Uses mandated for funds? NO WELFARE FOR THE RICH B) Use funds to retrain and supplement police. Use psychologists, sociologists and fewer nightsticks C) Eliminate "food deserts" in WV; supply safe drinking water, and sewage treatment D) Triage i) Life sustaining needs first ii) Public Safety needs iii) Social-Community needs iv) Socio-Economic needs v) Corporate
6 months from date of contract, create publicly owned utility. Paid by $150,000,000 (wasted on ROCKWOOL) Buys turn-key operation for this money, say engineers. INTELSAT-SPACEX launched 597 communications satellites in August 2020 . Professionals will live in WV, working from home. Already working in Croatia
A) Bring West Virginia into 21st Century by developing geothermal energy B) Create Pollution Credit System, polluters pay WV households before discharging wastes C) Make water leaving WV as clean as when it emerged D ) Create annual income (not welfare) for households in WV E) Sustainably recover RARE EARTH ELEMENTS, Lithium, and Thorium for Americans
Have a functional Department of Environmental Protection; to deny $150,000,000 to Rockwool; designated funds for drinking water and sewage systems; launch programs to eliminate "food deserts" in WV; repeal Workplace Freedom Act. Restore Federal Prevailing Wage requirements, use Economic Development Authority to make micro-loans to new entrepreneurs Offer WV hardwoods, crafts china, crockery etc to restoration of SS United States
As governor, I will always listen to the medical experts and our frontline workers. I would spend existing CARES Act funding and get it out the door to alleviate suffering. I would have a proactive plan for a vaccine distribution. Lastly, I would advocate for further aid to help communities stockpile for PPE and sanitation supplies for any future outbreaks.
I would spend every penny of the $1.25 billion federal relief we received on helping people. West Virginia small businesses and workers should be at the front of the line. I would build the capacity so that every test is processed in state and adequate PPE distributed. I would also make sure our educators and students have everything they need
Access to broadband is essential for students, businesses, and anyone else trying to compete in the 21st century. As governor, I will expand broadband access across West Virginia. Whether you live at the head of a holler or in a downtown neighborhood, a Salango administration will fight to make sure you can access broadband.
I am dedicated to moving West Virginia forward by prioritizing investments in public education, creating more jobs in the Mountain State, protecting health care, fixing the roads, and combating the opioid epidemic. I will always be a trusted fighter for West Virginia’s working families.
As a lawyer for over twenty years, I have fought for working people and held the powerful accountable. A Kanawha County Commissioner, I’ve made economic development and job creation a top priority. I passed 12 weeks of paid family leave, HERO pay for first responders, and put people to work when others said it wasn’t possible.