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Salt Lake City School Board 5

Our Charge & ResponsibilityStudents will leave us prepared for college,career and life in the 21st century world.Board Goals Increase achievement for every student Enrich and increase parent and community engagement

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    Mohamed Baayd

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    Dorothy R. Draper

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Salt Lake School District will implement a late start no later than fall 2021. How would you work to see that it is successfully implemented?

How do you propose to provide an equitable education to a diverse student population, including underserved students?

You will be involved in the hiring of a new superintendent. What are the important characteristics you are looking for?

What are your perceptions of the district’s shared governance and site-based decision-making protocols?

How would you provide a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment for all students?

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Any solution our Board comes up with must include a transparent process that takes into account the perspectives of AFT Local 6226 (the Salt Lake City School District transportation union) on retention, hiring and schedules; of parents who are focused on ideal learning environment for growing minds and concerns like pre- and post-school care options; and our Teacher’s Union who can advise us on the impact on our our teachers. These are all thorny issues - and while our final decision may not please everyone - it is important that our Board listens and considers the input of all stakeholders in the process. I am proud of our schools for looking at evidenced based data and implementing what experts believe will be the best for our children’s health, and want to do that in a way that brings all stakeholders.
Simply, I propose we provide an equitable education by using that lens to consider all that we do as a Board. Each step should move us closer to equity from the vivid example we have of underserved schools just West of State St. As a Board, we must host a collaborative communication process bringing together teachers & principles from across districts, sit in and understand the difference at the classroom level for underserved & privileged schools, hear from parents about their concerns and those from the students, consider class size, learning resources for gifted and extended needs, training for teaching those who have experienced trauma, funding for increased social workers & a high level of cultural competency, then take these important issues and opinions to craft solutions. No one has a magic wand, but I believe every step we take to improve things will be more effective when we use the lens of equity, the tools of collaboration, and the energy I see for positive change.
I am looking for someone that has experience in the schools, ethical leadership skills, transparent communication, and ability to work well with our diverse school district. For our students, teachers, and employees across the District, I want a superintendent who is a collaborative force, who can learn by listening and engaging across the district, who sets aside time to regularly spend in our schools seeing our success and challenges first hand, and someone ready to continue their growth as a leader in the position while valuing inputs from across our community.
I have three children in school and have first hand experience volunteering in the classroom, hearing from teachers, neighbors, and current and previous school board members about issues and concerns facing our schools. Each school and neighborhood is unique. Each family and student is unique. I believe that our District must give cohesive direction to schools that can, in a transparent process that values the input of our on-site partners, be made to fit each school’s individual needs to serve their unique population.
I believe that our Board can be a tool for positive change, and by focusing on equity in education, we will naturally be considering the input of our valued teachers, administration, and subject-matter experts in crafting policies for the heath and safety of our schools. A supportive learning environment is not only for students, but also for our teachers and staff, who when they are treated as collaborative partners and empowered - want the same excellence in learning that parents want for our children. We all have the same goals, and by working hard as a Board to have a transparent, collaborative process; each step we take should move us closer to the ideals we share.
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Age 44
In order for any new program to be successful it is important that the pertinent information is placed into the hands of families in a timely manner. This enables them to be aware of their part in making the program work for their families.

Keeping track of the program throughout its implementation is important. It will ensure that the district is able to proactively work through stumbling blocks as they arise in the program.
Empower parents by providing a link between school and community resources that are available when needs outside of the school setting arise. Being able to work with the whole community.

Providing a quality education starts in the classroom. Teachers need to be provided with the resources they need so that they and their students are able to be successful. This could include behavior strategies, class size, instruction materials, technology. Sincerely listening to the teachers as they voice their concerns and then in collaboration working on a solution that is equitable for all students that are impacted.

Strong schools are a reflection of a strong community. Community collaborations are key to achieving this. Recognizing that each of us adds to the fabric of our society and creates opportunities for growth. An increase in civility and acceptance of our differences expands our vision and brings untapped solutions to the table.
Strong entrepreneurial skills, self starter, someone who is able to successfully manage remote teams and implement multiple projects simultaneously. Someone with a strong background successfully working with a diverse community. Someone who is able to come up with relevant, proactive solutions catered to the diverse community needs.
I have been an active participant on a School Community Council for over 14 years. I have personally seen the positive impact within the classroom when parents are able to participate in improving the learning environment.

Parents' voices need to be heard. For the last three months we were asked to take on the role of educator and make sure that our students succeeded. I have four school age children, two in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary. That was a lot to take on along with the emotional needs that were created as they weren’t able to socialize with their teachers and other students, as they dealt with their first earthquake and all the anxiety it created, and a pandemic. Keeping them focused on learning was difficult.

Because of this opportunity that was thrust upon us, we now have a new perspective and are able to use it to improve the educational environment at our schools. We have voices that need to be heard.
Empower parents by providing a link between them and the district’s learning support, mental health, technology and community resources that are available when needs outside of the school setting arise

Our teachers see what is going on in the students daily lives and the direct impact it has on the learning quality within the classroom. Ensuring that teachers are allowed to share their perspectives, that administrators are willing to listen to their input, and that as a district we make sure that our teachers are provided the resources they need to have a successful student population.

Collaborating with professional independent contractors in providing adequate training for the teachers in all the new programs and technology interventions the district implements for the success of the students, and ease of work for all educators.