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Salt Lake County Surveyor

The County Surveyor provides quality surveying and mapping services to protect, preserve, and perpetuate property boundary rights. Performs all boundary, topographical, and property surveys of county properties, parks, recreational facilities, engineering improvements, and land to be purchased and/or sold by/to Salt Lake County. Maintains a depository and review process for plats of all surveys where property corner monuments were set to establish property boundaries.Maintains the accuracy and integrity of section corner and accessory monumentation in Salt Lake County.Re-establishes any lost or obliterated section corner monuments.Establishes and maintains an elevation bench mark system based on mean sea level datum.Performs forensic surveys and recreates graphical depictions of crime scenes for law enforcement agencies.Performs surveys as requested by other county government agencies.Performs survey work by court order.Develops and maintains a street centerline addressing system to assist county law enforcement and vehicle routing.Creates and maintains a geographical mapping system showing municipal boundaries, street centerline, service districts, and recreational features.Maintains current and historical aerial photography maps of the county.

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  • Reid Demman

What professional certifications, licenses and work experience do you have that would qualify you for the position of County Surveyor?

What are the most significant challenges facing the office of county surveyor?

What are the most important services performed by the county surveyor?

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