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Salt Lake County Assessor

The County Assessor establishes the assessed value and classification for all locally assessed property and assesses and collects the personal property tax.The County Assessor is responsible for the following: Lists and maintains records on each piece of taxable "real" and "personal property" in Salt Lake County.Real Property includes land and buildings.Personal Property includes business furniture and fixtures, business equipment, construction equipment, and manufactured homes. The County Assessor is responsible for the equitable and fair assessment of all taxable properties in Salt Lake County. Individual parcels now number over 308,000 and cover an area of 737 square miles with a market value over $70 billion. There are over 90,000 personal property accounts valued over $3.6 billion and over 725,000 motor vehicles. Public access to these records, excluding motor vehicle records which are private, is available online and at the office at 2001 South State Street N2-600. The County Assessor annually determines fair market value for residential, commercial, and other taxable property in Salt Lake County. Fair market value of real property may go up or down depending on the real estate market in the county. Personal Property is valued based on schedules developed by the Tax Commission.

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    Jennifer Fresques

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    Chris Stavros

What professional certifications, licenses and work experience do you have that would qualify you for the position of County Assessor?

What are the most significant challenges facing the office of County Assessor?

What’s your background in property valuations and use of commercial, single residential and multi-family and agricultural property assessment?

I am Certified General Appraiser with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. I also have a Real Estate license. I have worked in the Salt Lake County Assessor's office for over 12 years now. I have held many positions in the Assessor's office working my way up through the ranks. I spent a few years as the Quality Assurance Coordinator in the Commercial department gaining knowledge of not only valuation practices, but also of the issues and concerns of taxpayers and of my fellow employees. I was promoted last year to Commercial Appraisal Manager, making me the first women to ever hold that title in the Salt Lake County Assessor's office.
I plan to work on more public outreach to attempt to help people understand what the Assessor's office does. I believe it is important that taxpayers understand our role in the taxation system. Many people don't know who the Assessor is or what they do and why it should matter to them. I intend to attempt to change that. I would like to help people understand the valuation process and to understand their appeal rights if they believe their property has been incorrectly valued. I would also like to teach our employees more about tax relief programs so that those who qualify can be informed. This is really a non-partisan role that should be filled by someone who understands property valuation and who understands the issues and concerns of the taxpayers as well as of the employees in our office.
I received my licensing by taking 150 hours of education above my degree. I then spent a couple of years gaining the knowledge base to complete appraisals on residential properties and took a test to earn my appraisal license. I then took another 150 hours of education, spent a couple more years gaining knowledge and experience and wrote appraisals for commercial properties. After passing an 8 hour exam I gained my Certified General Appraisal license. The Certified General Appraiser license is the highest level of licensing from the Utah Division of Real Estate and allows me to value all property types in Utah. I have since written appraisals on a number of different complex property types including multi-family, offices, mixed use, industrial and some (although more limited) experience with agricultural property. I also obtained my Real Estate license, although I have not yet had the opportunity to utilize it.
I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Westminster College. In 1994, I was hired as a residential appraiser in the Assessor's Office. Then, I was promoted to a Statistical Coordinator. This position involves developing models for the valuation of residential properties. After several years, I was promoted to a Residential Manager. In 2010, I became the Division Director for the Statistical Department. This department is responsible for valuing every residential property. In 2014, I was promoted to Residential Director. As Residential Director, I implemented an appeal mediation program which resulted in historically low appeal levels. In 2017, I was appointed Chief Deputy Assessor. As Chief Deputy, I oversee every division in the office. I will continue to strive every day to provide the highest level of service to every citizen. I am a Certified Residential Appraiser and I have earned the Ad Valorem Residential and General Real Property designations.
The job involves coordinating with the Mayor and County Council, representing the office during the annual legislative session, interfacing with the Utah State Tax Commission, managing 105 employees and 3 different divisions all of which I have significant experience doing on a daily basis. Some of the things I would like to see accomplished going forward in the Assessor’s Office are: • Expand the automation of the Assessor’s Office year end value review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy and fairness in our valuation assessments always occurs. • Expand and improve our quality control process and procedures to ensure more accurate and fair valuations for the taxpayers of Salt Lake County. • Implement Puma (Premier Utah Mass Appraisal) System. • As the next Salt Lake County Assessor, I will ensure that the office creates commercial income models for industrial and retail properties, in addition to maintaining income models for commercial condos, offices, and apartments.
During the span of my twenty-six year career in the Assessor’s Office, I have held numerous critical positions and leadership roles. Serving the office in various different capacities has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge dealing with all property types including commercial, residential, multi-family and agricultural assessments. After serving in numerous positions throughout the Salt Lake County Assessor’s Office, I was officially appointed Chief Deputy Assessor on June 1, 2017. As Chief Deputy Assessor, I oversee, supervise, and monitor every department of the office including the residential, commercial, and personal property divisions. Overseeing every division in the office has given me the overall knowledge and necessary experience needed to understand all of the valuation methodologies and processes required to accurately value all categories of property.