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Kentucky State Representative District 56

QUALIFICATIONSA representative must be at least 24 years old, a citizen of Kentucky, and must have lived in the state for at least two years and in the district for at least one year prior to election.TERMRepresentatives are elected for two-year terms, with the entire House elected every two years. There is no term limit.DUTIESResponsibilities of the Kentucky House of Representatives include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, redistricting in collaboration with the senate, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes. The House as the exclusive authority to impeach state officials who are then tried by the senate. NOTESThere are 100 seats in the House of Representatives. The Senate and House comprise the legislative branch of the Kentucky state government and works alongside the executive branch (governor) to create laws and establish a state budget. Sources:;

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What makes you the most qualified candidate to represent the people in your district in the Kentucky House of Representatives?

What do you see as the most important issue facing your district and how do you plan to address it?

What measures do you support to improve voting access, education, and security in Kentucky?

The state is projecting dramatic budget shortfalls due to the impact of COVID 19 on the economy. What would be your approach to these expected shortfalls in terms of additional sources of funding and/or cuts to programs and services?

The COVID 19 pandemic has shown again the need for changes in our health care system. What measures do you support to ensure affordable, accessible health care for the people of Kentucky?

In recent months, the Black Lives Matter movement has led the way in heightening awareness of systemic racism in our nation. What is the responsibility of state government to address institutional racism and what actions should it take?

Campaign Phone (502) 299-6240
I have dedicated my entire life to working with our most impoverished and disenfranchised families. Currently, as a STEM classroom teacher, I work hand in hand with our under-resourced communities daily. I manage a school community garden that feeds a countless number of families. My story is intertwined with families trying to provide better living conditions for their children and loved ones. I come from a union family with humble beginnings and understand the importance of opportunity, education, and quality healthcare. I have a track record of success in public education and was integral to turning around the second lowest performing school in Nashville, TN. As an exemplary classroom teacher in Kentucky, I have taken on many leadership roles within my district that include technology coach, turnaround team lead, STLP coordinator, Sustainability Lead, SBDM Chair and many more. District 56 needs a champion for children, public education, health care, and our blue collar workforce.
I believe education and healthcare are the most important problems facing the commonwealth. Covid-19 has highlighted The failures of employer-based healthcare and the fragility of educating our most impoverished and disenfranchised. Healthcare should be a right for all Kentuckians. I will advocate for Medicare for all Kentuckians. Lowering the Medicare age requirement gradually and capturing additional taxable revenue will be critical to ensuring all Kentuckians receive quality health care. Education is equally as important as our society only progresses when the next generation is well educated. Children in Kentucky who were struggling prior to Covid-19, have a heavier burden to lift now. School's in poor zip codes are typically underfunded and under-resourced. Creating a progressive tax code that properly taxes our highest earners and eliminates tax loopholes that benefit corporations and not Kentuckians will demonstrate our financial commitment to public education.
I believe mail in ballots for all Kentuckians, automatic voter registration for Kentuckians, repeal of oppressive Voter ID Laws, and an independent redistricting commission will help improve and secure the election process in Kentucky. Voting should be easily accessible to all Kentuckians. Currently, our system diminishes the value of votes for many marginalized communities. It further burdens individuals with unnecessary ID requirements and does not provide for optimal polling locations.
Our lawmakers have refused to legitimately seek additional revenue to the detriment of all Kentuckians. Millions of taxable dollars will go to neighboring states every day. In fact, Governor Andy Beshear stated Kentucky is missing out on capturing 550 million dollars of taxable revenue each year.

We should exhaust all efforts to increase revenue and limit corporations from paying lower tax rates than a middle class Kentuckian. We should continue to raise e-cigarette and cigarette taxes and expand gaming. Furthermore, we should legalize recreational marijuana and secure revenue that is currently not being reported. We are losing revenue as many Kentuckians are going to our bordering states and spending their money in casinos and online. We also need to expand taxes on services to become more aligned with neighboring States. These funds will help Kentucky reinvest in disenfranchised communities and classrooms across the Commonwealth.
I propose adding taxes on services as our economy is changing and our emphasis on physical goods is limiting our ability to capture revenue. Legalizing recreational marijuana will create opportunities to tax an additional cash crop and will allow Kentucky to recover millions of dollars that is currently unaccounted for through recreational marijuana use. Expanded gaming will keep Kentucky dollars in Kentucky. Our bordering states are reaping the benefits of our inaction. Through expansion of gaming we would capture approximately 550 million taxable dollars based on recent estimates. Currently, our highest earners are paying approximately 6% of their income to taxes. Our middle class and lowest earners are paying approximately 9 to 11% of their income to taxes. Individuals who have done well working and living in Kentucky should contribute an equal or greater percentage of their income to the Commonwealth. This is essential to creating a fair and robust revenue system.
Protecting black people, indigenous people, Latinx people, and documented and undocumented immigrants from systemic racism should be a priority of the Kentucky legislature. These communities have been threatened and harmed by systemic racism for centuries. It is time that we codify these protections and eliminate any appearance that white supremacy or systemic racism is acceptable in Kentucky. I support legislation condemning white supremacist and labeling them as domestic terrorist. I believe our state should have an Institutional Racism Task Force that seeks out policy and practices that create inequities for people of color. Our government should actively seek to recruit, support, and champion ethnic diversity in all areas of policy making. Legislation should have always be vetted to determine the impact on marginalized communities.
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